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Meme of Eight May 29, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in luck or time, memes, Other.

Canterbury Soul tagged me with this meme, at an opportune time.  I had been thinking that I might do a couple of more personal posts this month.  I found it a difficult meme, though.  Every time I think of something to add to the list I want to save it and do a full post on it.  Eight random facts/habits would get me through two weeks of posts. Plus, randomness is simply not an option, I think (notwithstanding the Reimann-Zeta Function and Wolfram’s cellular automata and other methods.  I don’t believe that humans do randomness well, at least I don’t.

Anyway, here I go:

1) I take my dog, Maggie, outside at least three or four times a day.  In the spring and summer I wander around the yard with her (we don’t have a fenced-in yard) and look for four-leafed clover.  I have found nine of them this year so far.  There is a trick to it, by the way.  Maybe a couple of them.  I found this article linked the other day on Boing-Boing, and it contains some hints.  I’ll post some more later this week, maybe.

2) You know how some people say they were simply born that way, like some people say they are a man living in a woman’s body or vice-versa?  I’m like that with glasses.  I’m a nearsighted person in the body of someone who has almost perfect 20-20 vision.  I went to the optometrist today and practically had to beg him to prescribe glasses for me.  You see, at night sometimes distant lights look a little blurry, which I find irritating while I’m driving.  He said that only a person used to perfect vision would be irritated by what I was seeing.  So be it.  I just feel like a glasses-wearing person and I always have.

3) I don’t have many habits, really.  I seem to be able to stop doing anything I habitually do very easily.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  I don’t have any intractable bad habits.  But I don’t have any permanent good ones either.  Everything seems to take an effort of will–every time.

4) Pretty much every day I send a letter or a postcard to my spouse, through the regular mail.  (Not a habit, actually–see above–as I have proven by slacking off miserably in the last two months because of mounting job pressures and other external things.  But now I have restarted this.)  I do this because I am not the most romantic person in the world.  Having a thing that I do that seems romantic and thoughtful (well, it is thoughtful) helps our relationship. 

5) I read a lot.  And I read fast, averaging maybe 500 words per minute.  I have a little widget on the right side of this blog that I set up to let people like my Mom know what I am currently reading.  It is too much trouble to update it most of the time.  Over the last two months I have read all of Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” novels (except for the latest one published last week), most of them in a couple of days, so what’s the point of updating something that will only get one day of exposure?  I like to read pretty much anything except fiction written before the Second World War.  I make exceptions from time to time, but these things really slow me down.  And I find that I just cant identify with the main characters, or maybe I just read them too fast and my comprehension suffers accordingly.

6) I married the valedictorian of my high school class.  We didn’t date, really, until after she graduated from college, although we were friends (the kind of friends that nerdy high school guys do not want to be with attractive young women but are often told by these attractive women that that is what they [the women] want them [the nerd] to be, in relation to themselves. . . . Anyway, it was worth the wait. 

7) I was really skinny when I graduated from high school–six-foot three, maybe 160 lbs.  Then I got a job moving furniture while I was in college, heavy hardwood furniture.  After a summer of that I could bench-press 200 lbs, which was a sort of fad at my high school the year before.  Guys went around wearing shirts (sometimes half-shirts . . . the early 1980s) that said “200 Club” on them.  I never got one, because I had already graduated, and I would have looked stupid wearing such a thing after having left high school.  Anyway, I’m a no-longer emaciated-looking six-foot six, 200 lbs, with muscles, if you know where to look, and the light is right. 

8) In graduate school I learned to paint.  I’m a little out of practice now, but the guy who taught me was a well-known landscape painter and art teacher, shown in New York, Baltimore, and Ketchum, probably other places too.  He taught me to paint while we painted a dining hall at the University.  I can’t paint landscapes or anything, but I can paint perfectly straight lines and absolutely even walls and trim.

I’m supposed to tag eight others with this.  Most of the people on my blogroll don’t seem interested in memes.  Regardless, I’m tagging A Bronte Kind of Day, Anxious Mofo, and then what?, Eclectic Garden, Susan, The Abused Book Liberation Project, Questioning Reality, and maryjunebrown.  I tried to makes sure that you haven’t done this meme already, but it is beginning to seem like most have.  I didn’t make these active links because they are already on my roll, and because I’ll tell them on their comment threads, sometime tomorrow.  I’m out of time today.


1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged write their own blog post about their 8 things and post these rules.

3. At the end choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.


1. strugglingwriter - May 29, 2007

I saw that 4-leaf clover thing on BoingBoing too. I have never found one, but I’m going to have to try. My lawn is less than stellar, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

#4 is pretty cool. I’m sure your wife really appreciates this.

Good post. I wonder if you’ll see the traffic spike that I had with my post?

2. Canterbury Soul - May 29, 2007

i like your sharing, particularly #2 & #3. thanks for playing along. :)

3. caveblogem - May 30, 2007

strugglingwriter, the four-leaf clover thing is much weirder than I had guessed. Since reading the post to which I reffered I have found even more. I found three the day before yesterday and then four yesterday. So far no traffic spike, I’m afraid. Your post must have been much more interesting than mine.

Canterbury Soul, you’re very welcome. I enjoyed it.

4. maryjunebrown - May 30, 2007

eek! Okay, I think I’m up to the task…I’ll get to it. Thanks (I think–hee hee), mary

5. silverneurotic - May 31, 2007

You.Are.Tall. Hehe. I’m the same way as you with reading…I have trouble reading books that are much older than WWII though, I am working on that and forcing myself to read stuff from the 1800’s.

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8. maryjunebrown - June 6, 2007

I did it, I did it!

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