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Untrue Stories

One of the great things that came out of starting this blog last August is that it finally gave me the courage and space to try my hand at writing fiction.  I probably won’t be putting very many more fictional pieces on this blog (not that everything you read here is true, mind you), because I want to start submitting them to publications, which may not want them to have already appeared, for free, on a blog.  But, I thought it would be nice if these pieces had a more visible home than the reverse-chronological spaces they originally inhabited. 

Inkwell, the first large piece of fiction I ever wrote, have ever written.  Written during November 2006 for National Novel Writing Month.  I am currently revising and expanding it.

Foundation was written for a Creative Carnival at The Write Stuff.

Atomic Punk was written for a contest at The Clarity of Night.

Ampullae De Lorenzini was written for a contest at The Moon Topples.


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