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Maggie v. the Seltzer Bottle August 30, 2006

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Maggie the Westie (15 weeks old now) squares off against her first seltzer bottle, a generic Hannaford raspberry lime (empty).


She pushed it around with her nose a little but freaked when it rolled around a little.  So she backed off to a respectable distance and just barked at it.


It’s a little puzzling.  Our old dog, who died this last spring at age 14, was the same breed.  And she used to love these things.  She particularly liked Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail bottles.  These she would carry carefully by the opening until they hit against the floor or a wall or something and she lost the tenuous grip she had and they skittered away.  This was great because they prompted another chase.  She would do this for twenty minutes at a time.  We often let her, even though the decible level made it impossible even to carry on a conversation, much less study or get something accomplished.  She seemed so happy doing it.  I’m looking for some pics of that, which I’ll post.   

A Tune August 29, 2006

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I was a little bummed out that WordPress didn’t allow one to upload music to one’s blog.  Here is an attempt at a workaround.  This song is “Skin,” track 14 from Stonepusher’s only album (1999) variously titled “Fortissimo Spatchcock” or “Large Flightless Birds” (depending on which bandmember you ask).

Thanks, Odeo!

Sick as a Dog August 28, 2006

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Painting the entryway and all of the hallways in the house this weekend because I couldn’t really talk without coughing.  And I couldn’t watch Maggie, really, because I get a little impatient when I don’t feel well.

This is the color we started with and subsequently rejected, ’cause it was too green.


And this is what we ended up with.  It really looks different depending on the lighting. . . .


Spent a great deal of time today trying to puzzle out this CSS stuff and having not a lot of luck.  It seems like the templates are so rigid and cryptic.  And I’m not sure I’m up to the task of starting from scratch on something like this.  Maybe I’m still to sick, or too tired from getting up at 2:30am coughing and not being able to go back to sleep. 

Monster House August 27, 2006

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Saw “Monster House” today in Methuen with my 8 1/2 year-old son.  Suprisingly scary film, and suprisingly funny and entertaining as well.  It was the first time I’d ever been to the Loews Cinema at the Loop and the picture below is one of the best I’ve ever taken with a camera phone.  It shows the feeling you get coming out of the theater into a sunny day.  It shows the palatial, clean theater complex at the Loop.  And it also shows the way the splendor of the place is spoiled by gigantic M&M and drink and candy sculptures on the top of the snack counter complex. 


Will Soon Attempt a New Look August 25, 2006

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As soon as I get the O.K. saying that I have sucessfully paid for an upgrade, I’m going to try changing the look of this blog.  I have never used CSS before, so it should be pretty interesting.  This may be one of the last few days that I have this plain vanilla blog, so I’m posting a picture of it below as a record.


Technorati Continued August 25, 2006

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So there I am, registered at Technorati, just like a grown-up blog.  Today’s Statistics: Rank: 1,446,587 (No blogs link here).  No surprise, that.  Gotta start somewhere.  Weird that the HTML they had me post (below) just looks like HTML. . . .

I Stake my Claim in Technorati August 25, 2006

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<a href=”http://www.technorati.com/claim/uxcjg9j8ps” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile</a>

New Mnemonic for Planetary Order August 23, 2006

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  • Many vegetarians eat musical contraptions.  Jack, serve up nine pickled xylophones, curried.

Yeah, I guess the key is that you have to start with the most difficult word and work around it.  But “X” is a tough place to start with.  California Institute of Technology astronomer Michael Brown really probably should have thought about this one a little bit more before nicknaming it Xena. 

More Index Card Holder Info. August 22, 2006

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So, I’m getting pretty good at creating these index card holder things and have been downolading designs from the net to make them look distinctive.  I do not currently use different folders to hold different collections of cards (like cards applying to different projects) but am thinking about doing that someday. . . .  Mostly, at this point, I am just making them nicer and experimenting with them as a sort of art/craft thing. 

So here is a picture of one that I just made from some marbled blue paper (to give it the look of the sky-with-clouds sort-of-fing) and a picture downloaded from the  some sort of NASA website that I found yesterday.  For some reason, perhaps the state of my color printer cartridge, it printed the picture in a sort of dark pinkish purple.  I don’t have time to change it now, and I’m not happy enough with the resolution on the NASA picture to attempt it again, so here is what may be the only one of these ever made:


As you can see, I wanted the thing to have the pictures and the writing vertical, rather than at the odd tilt you get if you simply print the picture and fold with a daisy letterfold (see Envelope and Letterfolding ).  The trick is to rotate the picture clockwise about 51.5 degrees.


Then you have to fold it starting from the bottom corner opposite the corner depicted in diagrams.  Like this:

Start with a piece of paper, which has been trimmed to 8″ by 10″


Then flip it over on its back (keeping the vertical orientation the same), and fold it from the bottom left corner to the top right one. 


Then fold it from the crease you have made on one side to the crease you made on the other side.


Then from the bottom left to the middle. 


 Then fold the crease at the bottom right to the middle.


Then fold the crease at left to the middle.


Then fold the pointy part to the middle and insert (see Envelope and Letterfolding if you don’t get this part.  His diagrams are better). 

More on Letterfolds August 21, 2006

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I’ve been looking at a few sites recently on letterfolds and envelope folds and noticed that they don’t give very good information about which ones are legal to mail (indeed, since some of the good ones are out of the US, many don’t seem to know how to deal with the fact that our system of measurement is based on inches and feet and that our standard letter-sized paper comes in 8.5×11″).

The US Post Office lets you mail with standard postage envelopes that are between 5″ and 11.5″ wide and between 3.5″ and 6.125″ high (as long as <<The length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5>> according to the USPS.  So here are the letter and envelope folds associated with starting and finishing sizes: All of these designs can be found on http://www.ghh.com/elf/.

  • Daisy Letterfold: 8.5″X11″-yields-3.5″x5.38″, which can be mailed with regular postage.
  • Basic Letterfold: 8.5″x11″-yields-4″x5.5″, which can be mailed with regular postage.
  • Fern Letterfold: 8.5″x11″-yields-3.75″x5.5″, which can be mailed with regular postage.
  • Hawk Letterfold: 8.5″x8.5″ (cut off excess to form square)-yields-3.5″x5.75″, which can be mailed with regular postage.
  • Frog Envelope: 11″x15″ (cut from a sheet of 11″x17″-yields-3.55″x5.5″, which can be mailed with regular postage.

I have actually mailed all of these with no problem whatsoever, although some of them seem to need a strategically placed return-address lable or some other way of keeping them closed.