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For people who want to see the books I like and the books I read, see my library at LibraryThing by clicking this little picture: library-thing1.png

The rough draft of the novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month (November 2006) is here, or if you want a pdf version to print, then click the cover I designed, below.


I think I’m going to move all of the reviews to LibraryThing.  Possibly soon.  Until then, they are here.

In the books archive are:


1. Anonymous - December 3, 2006
2. davidbdale - February 16, 2007

After insisting you read Nicholson Baker’s The Size of Thoughts, I’m dismayed it’s not in this list. I thought surely you’d enjoy it.

3. caveblogem - February 16, 2007
4. clifton moberg - October 5, 2014

do you know of a software that will scan a pdf file of a novel and tell how many separate words there are in it, without repeating any words? I’ve asked this previously of you…

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