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Paper Folding

This is the place where all of the “how to” posts about useful paper folding will end up, when I have time to move them from the chronological spots in which they also reside.

Index Card Stuff

Other Stuff


1. davidbdale - December 25, 2006

Hey Caveblogem
I received a Christmas gift in a tiny box and lid made of folded paper. On first inspection, the design is not pure (there appears to be some gluing involved and maybe a tip-in panel to cover the glue spots) but neat and attractive. If you like, I’ll email you a photo, maybe even deconstruct it in stages so you can reverse engineer it. Wanna see?

2. caveblogem - December 26, 2006


Thanks, I’d like that. I’m always interested in seeing new designs. I sometimes worry about intellectual property rights where these things are concerned, so I’m not sure sometimes whether or not to post my own “repurposed” designs. I usually only do it when I am relatively certain that a fold has been around for a long time. Certainly there are few people out there making a buck from origami stuff, but I’d hate to make things more difficult for them.

And I’m not much of a “purist” where this stuff is concerned. My “page corner from a sticky note” would have me bounced from any respectable origami dojo, were there such a thing.

Thanks for thinking of me.

3. asma asghar - August 16, 2007

plz add somethong which is more interesting than that of it. at his time ur site is so poooooooorrrrrrrrr

4. asma asghar - August 16, 2007

salam to every one can u plz tell me how to make any shelter by paper folding

5. Freddy Smith - July 12, 2009

From all these ideas, I changed things and got the smallest possible index card portable filer. I took a black plastic VHS holder and cut it up so that I have two plastic black cards just 2 mm larger around than index card. I got some thin index cards and put a hole in the upper left hand corner and matched it up with a hold in the upper left hand corner for the front and back plastic cards. Then I took the metal enclosure for a typical manilla mail envelope and attached it from the back card thru the cards to the front plastic. Now I have a presentable holder where I can rotate out the index cards I need. I used colored ones to identify the category of them. I can take pictures if anyone is interested.

nina - July 22, 2009


6. nina - July 22, 2009


7. donkeyrider - December 16, 2011

I really like your folding stuff — thanks. However, there are two things you can do to make a good site even better: run your text through a spell checker, as there are numerous errors. And learn to take photos — unfortunately, you make one of the biggest errors that beginners make with digital cameras: not enough light. The basic rule is to put much more light than you think you’ll need; you can always stop down the lens, but you can’t add any photons after the fact.

8. Folding pdas | Akabutch - July 8, 2012

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