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Staple Cover

O.K., this one seems a little odd, I admit.  But let’s just say you want to be able to give somebody a fancy document without using a folder and you don’t want the staple to scratch her desk.  This is modeled on a page corner fold I saw a few years back, which according to Rick Beech was designed by Michael LaFosse (see Beech’s The Origami Handbook, a startlingly good guide for the beginnner.)

Anyway, you start with a square piece of paper, about 2 1/2 inches.  Fold diagonally.


Now fold diagonally again. 


Then unfold and fold the bottom corner up.


Flip and do the same thing to the other side.


Then take the bottom corner and fold it up. 


Do the same to the other side.


Now unfold the whole thing and staple it with the document like this:


And refold it so that you get the picture below (shown from the back of the document now.


Now flip it to the front and tuck that corner into the inside (I probably should precrease this part but never seem to remember to do that).


Now the other corner has to tuck into the back, otherwise it will not stay together correctly.


So now this thing looks like this from the back.


And from the front it looks like this. 


Which actually is better with paper that it all the same color, although that wouldn’t be as easy to see.



1. maryjunebrown - November 16, 2006

This is so cool!

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