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Designs for index card wallets, modified hPDA

Over the last few months I’ve experimented a little with materials and designs for these things.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture. 

I really like how durable various grocery bags are.  Here’s one made from a University of Massachusetts Amherst bookstore bag.


And here’s a Trader Joe’s bag.  I have lots of these because they change the design every so often.


Here’s a Starbucks bag that I liked.


And a bag from North Country Books that turned out pretty cool.


Free maps that you get at rest stops are pretty cool looking.  This is one for the White Mountain region of New Hampshire.


Here’s a bag that I cut to 8 1/2 by 11 inches and printed a logo from some sort of microbiological library in the U.K. that I found on the net.  Durable and chic.


You can buy a lot of different papers now that they make for scrapbooking.  Here’s one that I keep blogging notes on.


And here’s the one I use for notes on music I’m writing (yeah, it’s almost empty.)


And here’s one that has cool french cursive writing on it.


And something I got at Charette in Woburn that’s black paper with silver elephants.


And some white paper printed with a pdf version of the input-output, sources and uses diagram that Lawrence Livermore labs in California put in some report for 2002.


And a map of the Clearwater National Forest area of Idaho.


And some downloaded cave painting that I printed onto a recycled manila envelope.


And one of my favorites, from Crow Bookshop in Burlington Vermont.



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