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NaNoWriMo Novel

As I write it this novel I am also testing the parameters of the “Long Tail” by marketing it here. Here’s the deal:

  1. You can order a paper copy of this thing by going to Bookmooch and sending me a credit.  My account there is under the name zapf_glockenspiel.  Don’t have a Bookmooch account?  Get one here.  Maybe I’ll order one of your books.  By the way, I chose Bookmooch instead of paperbackswap for this only because I have a large number of paperbackswap credits and very few Bookmooch ones right now. 
  2. When the novel is done (some time before December 1), I will bind it as a paperback book (using the method described at Achieve It), with a cover and everything, and ship it to you (I pay the postage) some time before the new year (hopefully in time for Christmas).  This offer is open to the first ten people to send me a Bookmooch credit (and any others who happen to send credits that day).

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up an account at Bookmooch, which is a really cool way to get stuff to read without having to pay so much for it, you can read this here, following through the chapters until your eyes burn and your screensaver comes on.  Your choice.

Go to Chapter I

Go to Chapter II



1. b1onder - November 1, 2006

Well, I got four pages of preliminary bs done today. I still have not settled on the plot but it is developing even as we speak, or whatever the hell this is we are doing. Hope you are doing as well or even better.

2. maryjunebrown - November 1, 2006

Good luck to you–hope you make it to the end of the month with a full novel to show for it. Great start!


3. Nannette in Fantasticland - November 1, 2006

Nice start! Like the stuff about Mass roads. That is SO true. You asked me after my last response what themes I’d suggest. I was waiting to see what you wrote in order to answer. I mean doesn’t theme depend on what you’re writing about? I mean, it wouldn’t have to, but it’d be hard to recommend anything.

But that said, now that I see where you’re going, I’d think time is an obvious theme here. I was reading something today about how autobiography is always posthumous. No clue what the guy meant by that, but he did seem to be saying that temporality is a problem for narration. Your character seems interested in time. You as writer also mentioned your concerns about this project encroaching on your time. I wonder if these issues of time will disrupt the narrative. I noticed you chose present tense. Maybe you could use tense changes to some effect…

Thanks for sharing your work. I am impressed with your barvery.


4. caveblogem - November 2, 2006

maryjunebrown, Thanks for the encouragement. I see by the post on your very nice blog that you have eschewed the contest because of its focus on quantity over the quality of literary output. I suspect that that makes a lot of sense for some writers. After this thing is done I suspect I will have to think a bit about whether to pour my attention into revising it, or whether my time would be better spent working on some smaller pieces that I can improve into something that may be worthwhile for others to read. For me quantity (well, and committment to finishing something, I guess) has always been the problem, so I’m focusing on that.

You also mention on your blog that you have joined a writers group. I’d like to do that some day and maybe I’ll look into doing so early in 2007, after this NaNoWriMo and its aftermath are over.

5. caveblogem - November 2, 2006


Yeah, the narrator share’s my obsession with time. I decided to write this in the first person because somebody once told me to always do first drafts that way. Later, during revision, point of view may be shifted to better suit the thematic interests or whatever. I figured If I had to write like the wind I had better follow this advice. It is interesting that you point to time as a theme, however, because it didn’t even occur to me how much it seems to be an obsession of the narrator (and by extension, Me) while I was writing it.

I don’t know if I can do much with tense changes in this draft. I have plotted much of this out already in an outline on index cards and I find that nothing springs to mind. I’ll think about it, though.

6. caveblogem - November 2, 2006

b1onder, congratulations on getting out four pages so quickly. There’s no way I could do that much without a pretty solid idea of where I was going in the plot. I think I would have felt rudderless around page two. Well, I know I would have, because it has happened in all of my previous attempts to write fiction.

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