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memento vivere

I have repurposed my other blog.  It is now a sort of journal that takes place mostly with pictures.  I have written in a journal for several years now, since June 2002 almost every day.  But I find it difficult to go back and read.  My handwriting is atrocious, for one, particularly when I write fast with only myself as an intended audience.  I can read it, but it takes a great deal of time.  This, I’m hoping, will be a better memory aid, a picture being worth a thousand words. 

So every day I take a picture of something that will help me remember what happened on that day.   

Do you want to see?  Click here.



1. w - January 10, 2007

You might be interested in this book, The Secret Lives of Men and Women, where author Frank Warren convinces people to reveal their most intimate secrets via anonymous postcards. (You can catch his interview on NPR’s Leonard Lopate Show.)

2. caveblogem - January 10, 2007

Thanks for the tip, W. I had heard about it on another NPR show and am looking forward to reading it some day. Have you read it? Is it any good?

3. w - January 15, 2007

Sorry, sorry for the late response! I’d thought I’d posted a response on your memento vivere site, and just now remembered that it was actually here. Duh. Anyway, no I haven’t had a chance to read the book. Love postcard books in general. I have Boring Postcards on my desk right now, in fact.

4. caveblogem - January 15, 2007

That’s perfectly okay, W. I find it difficult to keep so many balls in the air sometimes. When I comment on somebody’s Blogger site it doesn’t appear in my “my comments” thingy on my dashboard. Probably there is some way to hear about it when somebody replies to my comments on those sites. But I rely on my own capricious and undependable memory. I hope people are understanding about it when I drop my half of their comment threads.

Boring Postcards sounds, paradoxically, interesting. . . I haven’t any read any books about postcards. But do I send about five a week out through the snail mail. I had heard this guy on one of NPR’s weekend shows talk about how he sent three a day to people, just to let them know he was thinking about them. You only have to write about three sentences, and postage is only 24 cents. I’m the type of person who tends not to show outward evidence that he cares often enough, so it seemed like something I should do.

5. w - January 15, 2007

Well, now I’m convinced to do the same. I’ve lost touch with a lot of people over the years, and this will be a good way to let them know I’m thinking about them, not through impersonal e-mail or through an awkward phone call. Thank you!

And yes, Boring Postcards is wonderful. No text, just photos of postcards from the fifties. I took a picture of one and wanted to upload it to my site, but for some reason WordPress won’t accept my cameraphone photos. Will try with a regular camera soon.

6. Nannette in Fantasticland - January 23, 2007

I’ve seen that book! very “boring” but in an interersting sort of way :-)

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