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So what’s the deal with the name Cave Blogem, anyway?

Well that was like a little joke, a play on words.  You see “Cave Canem” is Latin for “Beware of Dog,” which makes Cave Blogem a sort-of Latin (Latin being a dead language with, therefore no opportunity to add new words like “blog”) phrase meaning “Beware of Blog.”  So the name of the page also uses this same trick, replacing the word “dog” in one of my favorite phrases.  Trust me, this is really funny stuff, if you get it, which apparently nobody does. 

Are there other stupid jokes like this that you can get out of the way, you know, telling them right now rather than slipping them in during “opportune” moments in a conversation and waiting fruitlessly to see if others “get it?”

Oh, sure.

Well, what are they, then?  Don’t make me beg.  I don’t care enough to do that.  It won’t happen.


That’s enough, thanks.  Oh, and one of those uses “fog” as a replacement, not “dog.”  Wait a minute.  So what does the subtitle “Sure as a Blog Returns to Its Vomit” mean, then?

Oh, that was in response to a comment made by one of the guys who run the blog Blue Mass Group at the UMass Amherst Media Giraffe, June 30 2006.  See this guy (seated in the picture below and yes, that is his dog, His name might be Robert somethingorother and I didn’t get the dog’s name either) said that the word “blog” was such an ugly word and we should think up a new word for what we (not me, not then) do.  So one of the Blue Mass Group Guys said “how about puke funnel,” which still makes me laugh every time I think about it.  And that’s real laughs, not the “lol” thing that Cardinal O’Malley speaks of.  I recently found out that another person, a pastor in Texas, was using the title “As a Blog Returns to Its Vomit” so I changed my the title of my blog anyway.  So much of the stuff below is now irrelevant (not that anyone ever reads this thing anyway).


So, what with the dog in that picture, you can see how I would equate the two in my mind on some sort of subconscious-yet-dialogic level. . . . Oh, and also

Do you have that all out of your system now?

Dunno . . .



1. stec - January 15, 2007

You are a goofball!

2. Adam - April 29, 2007

But nothing about the jumping quick brown fox? Though I certainly wouldn’t call your blog lazy.

Yours is an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work.

3. caveblogem - April 30, 2007


I can’t believe I missed that one! Thanks!

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