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Sloppy Taggers September 13, 2009

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

Apparently the gangs of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts don’t really value artistic tagging skills.


It is a little embarrassing when we have visitors from California here, I must say.


1. SilverTiger - September 14, 2009

Don’t they have taggers in California? In my experience this dull-witted pastime is universal. The only light relief is afforded by the occasional tagger who falls off a high place and kills himself.

I don’t know why the authorities don’t set up a nice clean wall, wait for the taggers to come to deface it and then set them to cleaning up the mess left by themselves and other taggers. Hard work has more of a deterrent effect than prison.

Many of our otherwise pleasanter spots are defaced by colourful applications of paint whose only common characteristic is the supreme lack of artistic talent of their perpetrators.

2. caveblogem - September 15, 2009

ST, they have tons of taggers in California. It’s just that they usually have some artistic ability (or are neat, at least.) They come here and think that graffiti in Massachusetts must be painted by people lacking control over large muscle groups.

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