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This end (of the universe) up August 17, 2009

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

Finished my last final yesterday morning at 7:00am and the whole family decided to take the rest of Sunday off.  The weather was promising to be warm and muggy (but not as warm and muggy as today and tomorrow, which the meteorblahblahists are calling “oppressive.” And New England weather has no business making promises.)  Just a side note, here: You should feel free to rearrange the final punctuation marks in that last couple of sentences howsoever you see fit.  I give up. Anyway, we decided that Boston’s Museum of Science might be air-conditioned and cool, and there are films (3-D sharks, no less) and other stuff.

Special added bonus: Almost empty until like noon.  Lots of people decided the beach was the place to be.

A new exhibit on Black Holes (well, if you are capitalizing things like God and The United States, then, well, I don’t know . . .) is still in the “asking for feedback” stages.  My lovely wife thought it was a little short on saying how these things are formed in the first place (always the teacher). And I certainly couldn’t remember seeing any explanations.  She posited that maybe everyone is supposed to know this already.  I’m wondering if maybe they just didn’t think of it.  As support for this, I offer the following photo:


Now maybe it doesn’t matter which direction they face, but I certainly wouldn’t take the chance.


1. SilverTiger - August 17, 2009

“Last final” is a semantically interesting phrase. I wonder whether there could be an initial final, for example.

I don’t think that the formation of black holes is yet common knowledge to the average citizen, so I agree that it needs spelling out. Your wife is right.

2. prairieflounder - August 18, 2009

I wonder if the museum checks people on their way out to make sure they don’t steal any black holes? “Look, I’ve got a ‘ole in me pocket”

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