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We Multiliths are Here to Encourage You July 26, 2009

Posted by caveblogem in Other, technology.

In Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, a Space Odyssey, these black monoliths seem to drive the plot.  I say seem because I’m not really certain what was going on with that film.  There is considerable disagreement.  Even Wikipedia, where we all go to get the final, definitive, consensus answer on things, seems a little unstable w/r/t/ this fine film.  They’ve got something to do with technology, it seems.  Wikipedia even goes so far (as of this writing) as to say:

The subsequent response of the characters to their discovery drives the plot of the series. It also influences the fictional history of the series, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with technological development and space travel.

Since May of last year I have been pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in IT (my first was in Economics, and my two graduate degrees were in History).  And I’m at the point right now where the monoliths I’m running into are not particularly encouraging.  I know I’ll feel differently at the end of August, when I am finished with this crash program, degree in hand, but right now the sight of a monolith makes me want to shoot first and ask questions later.

Luckily, there is a great free open-source game out there that lets you do just that.  I found it searching for a game I could play on this tiny and somewhat underpowered netbook I am currently running Linux on.  It is called Nexuiz.  Actually, the version I’m talking about is called Damn Small Nexuiz.  Somebody took out all the blood and gore of the full-scale game, along with much of the fancy graphic stuff.  So basically, it is a game where you are attacked by monoliths.  You get to shoot them. That’s one in the picture below.  He’s moving really fast, so you can’t tell he’s a monolith.


Here’s two of them coming for me, in a hail of my machine-gun fire . . . ummm . . . warning shots . . .


And here’s what they look like when they are dead:


I just have to bring down a few more of them and I will get a short break. And that’s all I really want, you know, just some space between monoliths, so I can catch my breath.  After that, I’m sure I will find them encouraging, rather than enraging, again.


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