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Old-School Soul Extraction July 22, 2009

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

Normally this isn’t a commercial site, but I feel like I need to step in and offer some competition to this Dr. Flintstein, who is offering to extract souls and store them for you, etc.

I don’t know what he charges, but he’s got a pretty fancy office, big machines, fancy advertisements in The New Yorker, assistants, a warehouse in New Jersey, a fancy website.  I can undercut it.  Big time.  So here’s the deal:  Hundred bucks.  No fancy machines.  Works the old-fashioned way, like this:

  1. Cat sits on your chest
  2. You fall asleep
  3. Cat sucks your soul out through your nose (outpatient procedure, just like Flintstein’s)
  4. After a while, we get the soul back from the cat and put it in a baggy.
  5. We mail it to you.

Only major difference is that you probably won’t want it back.  Not after you see it.   

Give me a call.



1. strugglingwriter - July 22, 2009

He he he. Awesome! :)

2. SilverTiger - July 23, 2009

They’ve certainly gone to a lot of trouble to build an (almost) authentic-looking site which seems set to take on a life of its own. More evidence that we live in a “soulless” society?

Nonetheless, next time I catch Freya looking soulful, I shall wonder… :)

3. caveblogem - July 23, 2009

Silver Tiger,

I think that there are probably a lot of people trying to use the service, which is an elaborate film promotion. It is so weird that I was disappointed it wasn’t real. Deep-down, I know that people are every bit that weird.

Incidentally, can tigers do that soul-sucking thing, too? Or is that just house cats?

SilverTiger - July 23, 2009

I tried it once but didn’t like the taste ;)

4. maryjunebrown - September 11, 2009

Love this! Really great. I’m going back to some of my favorite blogs and rediscovered this one. So glad.


caveblogem - September 13, 2009

Thanks, mary. I keep going back to yours as well. Sometimes it is really hard to keep up with blogging. Life is so busy. But old blogging friends keep me coming back.

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