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More than a feeling July 19, 2009

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

“Woke up this morning and the sun was gone.
Turned on some music to start my day . . .”

When I was young, hearing that Boston tune for the first few times, I thought that he was talking about the end of the world. Well, there was the album cover, for one, with the huge spaceships that looked like guitars. I was thinking that it was sort of like Arthur C. Clarke’s book Childhood’s End. The spaceships of the galactic overlords were blotting out the sun, right? I didn’t think much, at that age, and I wasn’t much good at it when I did think.

Seems so obvious, now that I live near Boston, that the song wasn’t apocalyptic. This summer, more often than not, the sun has been gone.

Growing up in Sacramento, though, I never thought about the sun being gone. Usually that was cause for celebration. When it rained, the rock stations always played that Who song, “Love, Rain O’er Me.”

I still love the rain’ but I have to hide that, here.



1. SilverTiger - July 21, 2009

Try London. Or Britain, for that matter. Someone said we don’t have a climate, we just have weather.

Something unusual happened this year: we had a summer! Of course, the media called in a “heatwave”, just as they call winter a “cold snap” and rain “floods”. It’s flooding – er, I mean raining – as I speak.

The only predictable thing about the weather here is that it is unpredictable. That’s why weather forecasters occupy the tent at the end of the row, next to the fortune tellers and water diviners.

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