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The World’s Foremost Authority October 30, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Books, libertarians, Other, Robert H. Heinlein, Science Fiction, speculative fiction, web 2.0.

One of the most generally prescient science fiction authors, and one of my favorites, has always been Robert A. Heinlein.  That first sentence requires a lot of qualification, which I won’t do in this post–perhaps later when I have more time.  I’m posting this today for two reasons. 

1) My wife reminded me this morning that it only takes five minutes or so.

2) My nine-year-old son was doing research for his Spanish class last night using Youtube (looking at and listening to Flamenco music and some other things.)

So that research reminded me of a passage in a book called Friday, by the aforementioned Heinlein, written, if I am not mistaken, (no, I won’t take the two minutes it might take to look it up) in 1990.  The protagonist, a young, genetically engineered combat courier named Friday, is doing some research at a facility in Pajaro Sands, California.  She gets off on a tangent, as researchers often do, following links on a world-wide web that did not yet exist, and sees a video of Professor Irwin Corey, the World’s Foremost Authority. So I’m linking to one here:

He’s pretty funny.  The crowd is perhaps funnier, in an entirely different way–they know all the gags and repeat the lines, ad tedium.  I chose this particular one because it popped up first on the list.

Kinda makes you think.


1. strugglingwriter - October 30, 2007

That was great. The audience is funny, but Heinlein seems like a funny, intelligent old man. My favorite type of person!

2. caveblogem - October 30, 2007


Perhaps I wrote that one too fast. Heinlein is not the guy in the video. Heinlein has been dead for something like two decades. Corey is the guy in the video, who was a pretty funny old dude.

3. strugglingwriter - October 30, 2007

Now I’m an idiot. I probably just read your post too fast. Still, the old guy was funny and Heinlein was a great writer.

4. writinggb - October 31, 2007

The stuff about money is funny. I went to a Money Conference for women last weekend. It was interesting and a little funny, but not exactly this level :-)

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