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I am a Bad Blogger October 18, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in blogging, NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, Other.

Lately I haven’t been posting much, again, or responding faithfully to comments, or commenting on the sites of friends and those on my blogroll. 

I could blame it partially on the job, I suppose.  I took a position in May that is really quite taxing, mentally, but that’s not the main issue with the job thing.  I think that the main issue is that it absorbs a lot of attention and thought, and yet I cannot blog about it.  There are a few people who know who I am, and would, therefore know who I am writing about, if I posted about my job. 

It’s not that I don’t have things to write about, either, or that I don’t visit your blog.  I do, and then I intend to comment, going so far as to click on the little window.  And then I stop.  Whatever I was going to write seems suddenly trite.  Not a good way to be entering NaNoWriMo, two weeks hence.  I need to break out of this. 

Life outside of work has been really busy, too.  School has started again, so this means my son is on a travel soccer team, and has cello lessons, which means there is slack to pick up even when I don’t have a kid to pick up or drop off.  He is attending private school in the far-off land of Andover, MA, and the commute is killing us (but not him, really; he does his homework while we do the driving).

I’ve started lifting weights–for strength, not appearance.  This is quite taxing as well, I find, mentally as well as physically.  There was a time when I was living at home and attending the local university and I ran three times per week.  I rode my bicycle to the track at the high school and then locked it up with a combination lock.  I did this because when I exercise I get dangerously stupid.  I’d pull out into traffic, jump curbs, race trains, whatever.  Best to cool down first.  Usually took me 15 – 20 minutes before I’d remember the three-digit combination.

Unfortunately, the effect this has on weight training (with free-weights, at least) is problematic.  This morning I put 10 lbs too many on the bar when doing the bench press and squats.  The blood apparently leaves my head after the first set of exercises and I can’t add (in the mathematical sense of the word).  But the beginning weight training program I am undertaking stresses gradual buildup of weight to build axial strength.  So, wild and unpredictable fluctuations of 10 or 20 pounds are a pretty bad thing, particularly for a beginner like me who really needs to pay attention to correct form.

Anyway, apologies to anyone out there who still checks this blog, periodically.


1. strugglingwriter - October 19, 2007

That’s great you’re exercising. My exercise lately consists of playing ice hockey once or twice a week. beneficial on those days, but I know I need to do more.

I remember I was bench pressing alone once at the YMCA and did one rep too many and couldn’t lift the weight off myself. I had to wiggle the stupid thing on my chest to one side and then get it to drop to the floor.

2. caveblogem - October 19, 2007


I still could use more aerobic exercise, though. I imagine hockey’s aerobic benefits must be amazing (and lung-and-thigh-burning torture, as well).

Thanks for the cautionary tale. Luckily the weights I’m dealing with aren’t that dangerous, yet. I don’t come anywhere my personal max for the bench press until sometime near the first of the year, if I remember correctly. Thinking ahead, however, I have intentionally cleared space to the right of the weight bench for such an eventuality. Concrete floor in the basement, so it should be O.K.

3. kf gallagher - October 19, 2007

You’re not bad, you’re just busy. I think blogging has a flow to it like other activities in our lives (even like exercising), in which it ebbs and well, flows. The flow flows. That’s no good. But you know what I mean. When I first started my blog, I was posting all the time, for a long time, but then things changed a bit here and there, and I tapered off. I too am glad people still visit my blog and feel bad when my posts aren’t super-frequent, but everyone’s life is like that, so people understand. On exercise, I started doing weight training in addition to cardio workouts more than a year ago, and I really like the effects. I also like it because I alternate cardio and weights, which relieves the dread I feel when I face 30 minutes of straight cardio–I do 20 and then lift some weights or do a machine, then do another 20 minutes of cardio, at rate high enough to raise my heart rate, of course. I end up doing more! So good for you, and keep blogging when you can. I’m reading.

4. writinggb - October 19, 2007

Hang in there, cave! I think it’s great you are still out there tryin’!!

5. anxiousmofo - October 19, 2007

You’re not a bad blogger; your posts are just differently frequent.

Good on you for exercising. I was running four or five times a week not too long ago, and I need to start up again. It’s a bad time to start running again because there’s wind and rain and cold; it’s a good time to start running again because there aren’t any 90 degree days at this time of year.

6. Shameless - October 23, 2007

Ah, finding time, finding time. I tend to set aside blog time now, otherwise it all becomes unruly! And thanks for the reminder that I need to think about doing some more exercise! :-)

7. caveblogem - October 29, 2007

Thanks, everybody, for your kind comments. I’m still hoping this is all just a phase–not the blogging, of course, but the irresponsible and listless blogging that I’ve been doing, or not doing, lately.

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