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Sticky-note Page Corner Bookmark Redux September 8, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Books, how to, lifehack, Origami, Other.

Back in December of last year I posted instructions to making a sticky-note page corner, but somebody who calls himself DyNama, King of Post-its commented today about the sticky part touching the pages of the book, which is not something that I would want to happen to anybody.  So, naturally, I had to check it out.  Unfortunately, my original instructions were a little hard to follow.  It took me a while to reproduce what I did in December.  So I’m going to try to clarify a little.  Just doing my bit for Royalty.

Take a square sticky-note and put it face down with the sticky part down and on the side farthest away from you like this:


Fold the side closest to you so that it meets the side farthest away from you and crease it like this:


Then unfold, so it looks like this:


Then fold it in half left side to right, like this:


And unfold that, so it looks like this:


Now flip it over so the sticky part now faces up, but it is still on the side away from you, like this:


Then fold the Bottom Right corner to the top left like this:


And unfold that, so it looks like this:


And fold the bottom left corner to the upper right corner like this:


And unfold that. I have marked the folds that have sticky stuff on them with numbers 1-4, so that it looks like this:


If you fold corners one to corner two, and corner three to corner four, you will get a thing that looks like this:


Then you can fold the stuck together corners into an arrow-like thing like this:


Then put it in a book like this:


And there you go.  Is that any better, DyNama, King of Post-its?  Or is the sticky part still connecting with the book?  That didn’t happen when I tried this again, so I’m hoping that my instructions were so unclear the first time that they just misled you.  If so, I’m terribly sorry.


1. DyNama - September 9, 2007

yep that clears it right up. i couldn’t tell that the little arrow was 2 pieces. i was opening and flattening one of the bookmark corners making 2 new creases simultaneously and ending up with the little arrow being 1 piece, in fact it is 1 of the whole corners of the original post-it. i included my “title” cuz i enthusiastically (even fanatically) _buy_ post-its, i have thousands, so i can even color-code these bookmarks. anyway, thanx for the add’l explanation…and the clever idea.

2. DyNama - September 9, 2007

this sentence however has no less than fifty six letters.

3. caveblogem - September 10, 2007

DyNama, glad things worked out. I am happy to help.

I have lots of different sticky-notes too, although not as many as you, I should think. Is that thousands of different kinds? I am thinking of doing a post on post-it’s new 3×5 lined index cards that have reusable sticky stuff on them. I use these things quite a bit, now, even though they are quite a bit more expensive than either index cards or sticky notes.

4. rhdni phfnrzct - August 7, 2008

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5. Anonymous - December 27, 2012

this method is great and easy to follow, good job

6. Jake kirk - September 14, 2017

Great job! Very clear and unde rstandable directions.

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