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New Cell Phone September 6, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Other, Verizon.

When I was staying with my Mum and Dad in California we played golf.  It was a beautiful day, but by the time we finished it got really hot.  I was trying to call the office that day because I had a couple of things that needed to be done, despite the fact that I was technically on vacation.  So I put my cellphone in my swimming shorts and went to watch my son play in the pool.  Eventually, of course, he convinced me to go in the water.  So, three-week-old phone, completely kaput.

Since my cellphone is also my only camera, I wanted a replacement.  And I didn’t want to wait, because we were going to all sorts of cool places, leaving the next day.  I figured that since I had to buy a new phone anyway, I might as well get the one I wanted.  So I got one of these:

Casio G’zOne Type-V Cell Phone


There are a lot of things I love about it.  It’s shock-resistant and water resistant.  It has a cool, odd, steampunk sort of look to it.  It is big, and easy to hold without accidentally pushing buttons best left unpushed.  It isn’t as shiny as other phones, has a sort of matte finish on the parts that you touch, so it doesn’t look greasy all the time.  It has some sort of hardware or software glitch, too, the result of which is that about half of the time people call me I only get word after the fact.  I could be staring at the phone and suddenly it will say I missed a call.  I particularly love this feature–I can avoid so many unwanted, inconvenient conversations.

One of the things that drove me a little nuts about it, though, is the fact that Verizon and Casio claim that it takes 2.0 megapixel pictures.  I say claim  because I am unable to verify it.  There is a setting on the phone for taking such pictures, but there is no way to download them afterward (no cable) and the phone won’t send it over the Verizon network (Verizon apparently only lets you send files smaller than 370k.)  So I wonder why they didn’t just claim to take 20 megapixel pictures, or 100, for that matter. You certainly would never be able to prove them wrong.

I went to the Verizon store in South Nashua, New Hampshire yesterday, to inquire into some other problems with my account, etc., which might be too complicated to describe adequately for the purposes of this blog (I say this because it took a considerable amount of time to explain it to their presumably trained staff.)  The people there, including both managers, the technical staff, and others (I talked to six different people) were so uniformly and monolithically (paleolithically?) unhelpful that I thought I’d make a special note of it here.  The little visit ended without accomplishing anything except the cancellation of part of my service contract, but with the suggestion, on the part of the manager, that I purchase a cable that some company has now come out with to download pictures from these things.  “It’s only $29.00,” she told me (and another guy that was there looking into the same problem), so that should solve the problem.” 

Depends how you define the problem, I guess.  The phone has only two ports.  One is for the headphone, the other for recharging.  I didn’t ask them where to stick the cable.  They can stick it themselves.



1. strugglingwriter - September 7, 2007

Cool phone. I didn’t know you were into the steampunk thing. I am too and should probably post more steampunk stuff. Does the phone have bluetooth? You might’ve been able to transfer pictures that way, though that would’ve probably cost you money to set up anyhow.

2. -PF - September 7, 2007

I have never felt phone envy until I saw your cell phone.

I have the same issue with my Razor, it has a data cable but it won’t work to transfer photos. Verizon wants you to e-mail them for a fee.
A work around that I am going to try: The cell phone has a space behind the battery for a memory card. You can save your photos to the memory card then take the memory card out of the phone and use a card reader to transfer the photos to your pc.
I will let you know how this works after I buy the little tiny memory card and reader. Techno geeks unite!


3. caveblogem - September 7, 2007

strugglingwriter, I guess I never thought about my “being into the whole steampunk thing,” but apparently I am. I would really like some suggestions on must-read steampunk novels, if you have any suggestions. Regarding bluetooth, this particular model is not the most recent incarnation of the G’Z One, and is not bluetooth enabled and cannot be, according to the manufacturer. Funny, huh?

4. caveblogem - September 7, 2007

PF, There is no space in this thing for a memory card (the manual said their wasn’t, but I checked anyway). I do pay the fee for emailing pictures. That’s one of the reasons this is so troubling. I already pay the *#^% fee!

5. Nineteen Things Meme « Pretty Good on Paper - September 17, 2007

[…] phone look like? List your reasons to buy it?  I have posted a picture of my current cell phone here.  My land-line at home looks like an old-fashioned rotary-dial phone, but is actually new, from […]

6. Chris - October 19, 2007

Battery sucks! Phone cuts off while traveling on a train. You lose the person on the other end of the phone. The battery sucks the life out of the phone real quick (i.e. one phone call and the bars drop to like 2). I’m forever recharging it. Stuck with a stupid 2 year contract and the damn thing charges you for extras! No bluetooth! That’s because Verizon wants you to pay, pay pay and pay more! Blood suckers!

7. caveblogem - November 2, 2007

Chris, The battery in this one seems to hold a charge just fine. But to be fair, it drops so many calls and has such a crappy record in sending pix and text messages that it hardly ever sends and receives information. Maybe if it completed more calls and such the battery would drain faster. Nine times out of ten I can’t send a pix or text message from my home or my office, both of which are in a mid-sized city.

8. Casio Men - January 5, 2010

I like Casio G’zOne Type-V Cell Phone

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