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Benchmarks August 23, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in blogging, Other, Wordpress.

I came back from vacation and forgot to note that this blog passed its one-year anniversary earlier this month.  So there’s that.  And the day before yesterday it passed its 20,000 page-view mark, which is nice.  WordPress put together some neat new charts that allowed me to look back at the number of page-views weekly and monthly for the year, which showed exactly what I thought: As soon as I stopped actively commenting on other sites traffic on this site declined dramatically. 

Unfortunately, my comments on other wordpress sites are captured as spam.  Indeed, my own responses to comments on this site are treated as spam.  Don’t know what to do about this, but it is discouraging.  Commenting seems fairly pointless when you know your words are going into the Viagra bin.  Anyone else having this problem?


1. strugglingwriter - August 23, 2007

Congrats on the milestone, but sorry about the comments. Have you tried to post on the Support Forum?

Also, it really does take a lot of work (but fun work) to keep page views coming. I have noticed that too.

2. caveblogem - August 24, 2007

Thanks, sw. I tried the Support Forum a couple of months ago, I think. I forget what happened there. . .

3. Steve - August 30, 2007

Been away myself, si I missed your anniversary. Congratulations! I use WordPress but I don’t seem to have that problem…..either that or I have it and don’t recognize it. BTW — took me an extra moment to figure out what “the Viagra bin” was, but worth the chuckle!

4. anxiousmofo - August 31, 2007

You might not have this problem if you weren’t constantly hawking herbal supplements and penny stocks in your comments on other people’s blogs. You would make some kind of insightful comment which would have me nodding my head appreciatively and then totally ruin it by tacking on a link to an order form for “sexogenic crystals” or something.

5. caveblogem - August 31, 2007

Steve–Thanks. I’ve wanted to comment on your blog several times this last month, but when my comments go to spam I kinda lose steam.

Anxiousmofo–I thought we were friends. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell you about these fine products? Are you saying you couldn’t use a little more vigor?

6. anxiousmofo - August 31, 2007

By the way, congratulations on 20,000 page views, and congratulations on your one year anniversary!

There was a time when I needed more vigor, but you may recall that I ordered a year’s supply of herbal imitation Cialis from you, like, two months ago.

7. cerebraljetsam - September 5, 2007

Happy bloggiversary! I have enjoyed reading you quite a lot, so don’t you think about stopping. cheers, …

8. caveblogem - September 5, 2007

carebraljetsam, Thank you very much and the same to you and yours. Last night, I’m happy to report, WordPress fixed the problem. Now I can comment on wordpress sites and my comments stand a pretty good chance of appearing. Hooray! See you soon.

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