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Back from Vacation August 16, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Maggie, Other.

I returned from vacation on Tuesday morning at about 10:00 am (a red-eye flight out of Denver that started at 11:55 the night before). I have been trying to sleep since then, with mostly disastrous results, but last night I finally got a few good hours in.

It will probably be a few days before I start blogging regularly, partially because my job did not go away while I was gone. Indeed, even though I worked a little while out, there is plenty awaiting my attention. Eventually I hope to have enough free time to blog about my vacation a little.

Today I went to the kennel to retrieve Maggie. She was doing obedience training while we were away, and she learned a lot. The trainers called her a “trainer’s dog” because she was so smart. Instead of stopping after the conclusion of the 14-day course to which they committed, they kept training her for an extra week, seeing just how much she could absorb.

I turned around a minute ago to see if she could help me with linking to a video of the spectacular training results, but she’s clearly a little tired, and happy to be back home (see below, clicking for a larger image).


I have never posted a link to youtube, so I suspect that I have screwed it up. It doesn’t preview like it says it should. So, my apologies if all you see is some text below. I think I followed the instructions correctly, though, so I will give it a try anyway. Click here for a demonstration of her incredible discipline. Or you could try clicking here (that might work, I don’t know, really). Or, if youtube works, you would click on the triangle below.


1. strugglingwriter - August 17, 2007

It worked for me. Your dog is so cute! And now, so well behaved.

Welcome back!

2. Canterbury Soul - August 19, 2007

welcome back! :)

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