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Eight More Things July 23, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in memes, Other.

Cerebral Jetsam just tagged me with the Meme of Eight.  I have already been tagged with this one, but I am going to do it anyway, partially because I don’t have the mental strength to do a more complicated post, and because I find Cerebral Jetsam fascinating and want to support him and his blog.  Since I have already done this one, though, I’ll not pass it on to others.  It’s sort of a compromise, I guess. 

1. My wife and son left on an extended trip about a three weeks ago and I find myself much more lonely than I expected to be.  Work has been really mentally taxing, which is an odd development.  With my support system gone, and being too busy to blog from work, I’m finding it really hard to post.  I’ll join them this week, in California, and am really looking forward to it.

2. I am taking this opportunity, these several weeks when I am alone at home, to work on the house, and myself.  There are a wide variety of home improvement projects to work on, including the sink installation, which I have posted about already, and insulating the attic, and a few other projects.  I am working on my posture, too, which has never been good.  I suspect that my posture problem stems from the fact that I wasn’t a serious athlete as a kid, and the fact that I am both very tall and very shy.  So I have always tried to become invisible, which is hard for somebody who is a full two meters tall.  I am doing exercises that I found on the web.

3. When I went, late in my junior year of high school, to see a career counselor, he told me that I should consider vocational school of some sort, and that college would be a waste of my time.  I didn’t believe him, but many people did.  I was a serious underachiever. 

4. I married one of the few who did not believe that I wouldn’t do well in college.  She was the valedictorian of my class.  She thought of me as one of the smartest people she knew.  But that’s not why I married her.

5. I am not totally alone.  My dog, Maggie, is here with me.  She is lonely, too.  I compensate by taking her on long walks.  But she is frustrated, nonetheless, by the fact that I leave here alone for four or five hours at a time, coming home on my lunch hour to walk her and talk to her, throw the ball for her. I find this responsibility curiously draining.

6. I am wearing a surgical smock right now, given to me by my best friend in high school, whose father was a doctor.  I could never have become a real doctor.  I have a Ph.D., but I can’t really deal with people in pain very well.  It is too upsetting.  I do pretty well in crises, and other stress, but it affects me too deeply to choose such a profession. 

7. I had a difficult time specializing in graduate school.  That’s because graduate school is mainly about becoming the world’s foremost expert in one thing, and I am, deep down, a jack of all trades, better at most things than most people.  I squeaked by, carrying a 4.0 until I was safely ensconced in a funded teaching assistantship and then pursuing whatever I felt like pursuing.  I studied recent U.S. history and had several conversations with my advisor where he would ask me why I needed to take a class in Latin or whatever.  Needed?

8. There are times when I find myself missing California.  This won’t shock many people, only the ones who know me.  And I realize that the California in which I grew up is completely gone, but still.  It’s like Tom Petty says, “California’s been good to me/ I hope it don’t fall into the sea.” 


1. Dayngr - July 27, 2007

I love memes! They’re just so much fun.

If you should feel so inclined, stop by and cheer me on tomorrow as I blog for a cause.

2. litlove - July 31, 2007

Oh Caveblogem – I feel for you missing your family. I find the blog very comforting when I need to feel friendly people about me, so busy as you are, do know that we are all here for you. And I know just what you mean about other people’s pain. Emotional pain, no problem. Physical pain and I am hopeless. I just feel it too, which does no one any good! Nice image of the surgical smock, though…..

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