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Which words do you own?–Klotz, as in Blood June 20, 2007

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Note: This is part of a continuing series on the actual vocabulary in use in the blogosphere.  Other posts, whether analyzing particular blogs within the study or detailing the methodology of this thing or whatever, can now be found at the Center for Occasional Meme and Blog-O-Sphere Studies [COMBS].  Go there by clicking here or the Center’s logo, which should be on the right (starboard) side-bar over there —->

Anyway, the blog under the microscope today is “Klotz,” as in “Blood,” published by Steve.  His word sample runs from March 6 to June 11, 2007.  Sample size was 32,911 words. Steve totally wrecked the curve, adding 1,188 words, which shouldn’t really happen at this point in the study.  And for those of you keeping score, Steve used 6,450 different words in his sample. 

The theory was that the new words were supposed to level out by now.  At any rate, the number of distinct words in the database passed the 25,000 mark.   So the working vocabulary of the Blog-o-sphere is, obviously, more than that.

Here is a word cloud comprised of the words used more than twice by Steve but not at all by any of the other 24 blogs sampled thus far.


And here’s those words in a font called Blood:


I ran out of Floridian fonts. 

And here’s the Venn diagram I usually make out of these words.  The left lobe consists of words that were new in the sample, that nobody else had used, sized relative to the frequency of use.  The middle lobe consists of words that everybody has used so far, sized according to how much more frequently Steve used them in the sample.  And the right lobe consists of only two words that everyone else sampled thus far has used, but that Steve did not. 


Here is another effort by my Haiku-generating algorithm, which went off this time without a hitch, although I used words that Steve added to the database but which he didn’t use frequently enough to put them in the vocabulary clouds.  (I just didn’t want the hassle this time.)

No pilgrim ruptured
between traditions of brie
and clutching the dolt.

Clutching the dolt sounds like the name of some bizarre game out of Colonial American folklore, duznit?  Maybe I should have enclosed it in quotation marks or italicized it.  As always, the vocabulary clouds and Haiku are the property of the volunteers, except that said volunteer may not have them taken off of my site but may otherwise do with them what they wish.  Thanks for participating, Steve!

Next up: Silverneurotic, then Searching for Normalcy, then this project will be put on hold for a little while while I pursue a new one that seems much more interesting at the moment (and which will debut in this space later this week, hopefully.)


1. Dayngr - June 20, 2007

Steve, is da man!

2. Steve - June 21, 2007

This is indeed a fascinating exercise in meta-blogology. Always a pleasure to wreck something, from a 1986 Toyota to a statistical curve. With or without the influence of alcohol.

Caveblogem: Thank you again for the amazing effort. I’m hooked on your blog.

3. caveblogem - June 21, 2007

Dayngr, It is good to know that he is a man and not some sort of walking dictionary.

Steve, thanks again for participating. I enjoyed reading your blog, which I found myself turning to again and again, wondering what sort of context made a particular word pop out.

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