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Which words do you own?–2Dolphins June 6, 2007

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[Note: This is part of a continuing series on the actual vocabulary in use in the blogosphere.  Posts on this subject started here and will continue on a somewhat weekly basis. There is an interesting (to some) analysis of the most common words here.  And there is some discussion of method here.]

Today’s volunteer is the blog 2Dolphins, which is run by a married couple in Texas.  I had to go back quite a ways, chronologically, to get a large enough sample (there are a lot of pictures and such on the blog.)  So this sample runs from September of 2005 to May 31, 2007.  This may account, partially, for the fact that it added an inordinate number of words to the database.  I guess technically it was an ordinate number, since all numbers are, by definition, ordinate (I think), but you know what I mean.  They added 1,024 words, that’s right, two to the tenth power, which is a lot.

There were 5,593 different words in the sample, which is also a new record. 

Here is a word cloud comprised of the words used more than twice by 2Dolphins but not at all by any of the other 22 blogs sampled thus far.


I was happy to see the word dolphin’s in this, but not as happy as I would have been to see dolphins or dolphin.  The very first blog I sampled (other than my own), Three Quarks Daily, used the word “dolphin.”  And Alabaster Crippens used the word “dolphins” in the sample I took from his blog.  Anyway, here’s another copy of the same cloud, in a font called “dolphin.”  Best I can do.


And here’s the Venn diagram I usually make out of these words.  The left lobe consists of words that were new in the sample, that nobody else had used, sized relative to the frequency of use.  The middle lobe consists of words that everybody has used so far, sized according to how much more frequently 2Dolphins used them in the sample.  And the right lobe consists of only one word which everyone else sampled thus far has used, but that 2Dolphins did not.


And finally, here is another effort by my Haiku-generating algorithm, which stumbled a record five times.  There weren’t enough verbs to choose from, so it kept crashing.  “Snoopy” is supposed to function as an adjective in the poem, not as a beloved cartoon dog.  It is only capitalized because it is at the start.  The dudes are snoopy.

Snoopy on the pod,
dudes from an aggregator
rename a protein.

As always, the vocabulary clouds and Haiku are the property of the volunteers, except that said volunteer may not have them taken off of my site but may otherwise do with them what they wish.  Thanks for participating, 2Dolphins!


1. Rob O. - June 6, 2007

Hey, 1,024 new words, does seem like a lot! I’m feeling like quite the wordsmith now. Well, actually, Dede has called me that before, but usually in a less-than-desirable way… ;)

Anyway, thanks for including 2Dolphins in your interesting experiment!

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