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Writing Contest at The Moon Topples April 30, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in fiction, literature, Other, writing.

I plan to enter the writing contest Maht is running at The Moon Topples.  I had also planned to enter the one held recently at the Clarity of Night, and actually wrote two completely different stories for it (both crap), but after torturing them to death I decided not to subject myself to everyone else’s ridicul.  My own was enough. 

I have been pretty distracted lately.  New responsibilities at work and the start of allergy season here in New England (mating season for plants in California, where I grew up, is intense, but mercifully short) have meant that not only has my writing suffered, but that I haven’t visited your blog and commented, which I try to do at least once a week.  I’m sorry about that. 

I will try to do better, as soon as the itching stops and I can once again concentrate.

At any rate, enter the contest Maht’s running.  It will be fun.  There will be some great stories, if last time was any indication.  It will also be a global event.  The winner of the last one lived in Islington, London, England.  Contestents came from as far away as New Jersey, New Zealand, and New England.  But they came from old places, too.  And all of the genres were represented, so long as they were small enough and fiction.  So don’t be left out of the fun. 


1. strugglingwriter - April 30, 2007

“But they came from old places, too.” – nice line :)

I look forward to reading your story. Also, I know what you mean about writing a story to death.

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