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Stupidity = $ April 17, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

The University’s closed today because of flooding.  It’s not flooding at the U, just on the streets that people use to get here, except for the street I use, which is fine.  So I came in because I have lots of work to do this week, but not work work.  Turns out that I’ll spend the week chipping away at my taxes, but not this year’s tax returns–last year’s and the year before that, too. 

So what I did was I took the standard deduction last year and the year before, even though I have one of those huge Massachusetts mortgages (on a smallish Massachusetts house).  So I’m paying tons of interest, but didn’t realize how many things, how many really big things (like he aforementioned interest payments) I can deduct.  I found this out this weekend as I did this year’s taxes with Turbo Tax (TM).  Since Turbo Tax is a computer program, it didn’t actually call me a friggin’ idiot (although I always turn off the sound on my computer, so I guess it could have) for loaning Uncle Sam all that money.  But I knew what it was thinking.  All of a sudden I’m swimming in refund.  And so, naturally, I’m going to revisit the previous two years’ returns, file a couple of 1040X forms.  I’m going to change the amount I have taken out of my paychecks, too. 

The cash is going to be a real blessing this year, the year my lovely wife will be going on sabbatical (which is a year where you don’t have to teach any classes or serve on committees, but get to not do those things at half pay with the same sort of research committments that you normally labor under.)  I have no qualms about keeping the money and acknowledging my stupidity, although I will resist the urge to publicly quantify that stupidity in dollars.  I just wish it didn’t all mean so much paperwork. 

But then, paperwork was also the source of this windfall.  Maybe I shouldn’t have such an aversion to it.  Maybe I should actively seek more.


1. strugglingwriter - April 17, 2007

Cash you weren’t expecting is always nice. I used to do the taxes by hand but the one year we used Turbo Tax and received a few hundred dollars more in return than my calculations showed. After that, I figured it was worth the $29 investment.

2. Thomas Cranner - January 17, 2008


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