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Which words do you own?–Daniel Meissler April 13, 2007

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[Note: This is part of a continuing series on the actual vocabulary in use in the blogosphere.  Posts on this subject started here and will continue on a weekly basis.]

Below we have the vocabulary cloud for words added to the database by the blog of my latest volunteer, Daniel Miessler


An interesting juxtaposition of “atheism” with “icons.”  It seems to call forth a new religion, some sort of virtual-objectivist desktop non-worship, the Church of the Apathetic Blogger, perhaps.  (I read his post on atheism and it does no such thing, of course.)  Then a little further down we have “freebase” and “grandpa,” which I don’t think was about the Keith Richards’ remarks from last week. 

Perhaps my favorite string begins with the word “server,” and ends with “waterfall.”  It is a “found” steampunk haiku.

Mr. Meissler’s Venn diagram looks like this:


There are a couple of words that pop out that I am thinking about dumping in future diagrams–“march” and “john.”  Microsoft Word recognizes these as words instead of proper names (because one of the macros I run uncapitalizes all words), but I’m pretty sure that bloggers are not using them as such.  It says something about the commonality of the name John, and the month of the year these samples drew heavily upon. 

Mr. Miessler added 528 new words to the database, pretty respectable, this late in the game.  His is the second technologically-leaning blog to be sampled.  I have high hopes that the next blog to be added, Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U, a blog that leans towards posts on cooking and restaurant events, will add a whole new sheaf of words. 


1. Nannette in Fantasticland - April 17, 2007

These word clouds also have a visual appeal — they look like word art.

Very cool!

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