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Another Comment on Comments March 30, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Blogs and Blogging, Other, Rock.

I was driving my son to school and continuing our conversation on Rock music this morning.  We were listening to Only a Lad, by Oingo Boingo, one of his favorite songs [he’s nine years old and idolizes Bart Simpson, The Mythbusters, his uncle (who is into large hybrid rockets, industrial-sized fireworks, blowing things up, and sent my kid a do-it-yourself trebuchet kit for Christmas this year) and Calvin (of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip)]. For those of you who don’t know it, the song starts like this:

Johnny was bad, even as a child everybody could tell
Everyone said if you don’t get straight
You’ll surely go to Hell

But Johnny didn’t care
He was an outlaw by the time that he was
Ten years old
He didn’t wanna do what he was told
Just a prankster, juvenile gangster

His teachers didn’t understand
They kicked him out of school
At a tender early age
Just because he didn’t want to learn things
(Had other interests)
He liked to burn things

I dropped him off and then listened to some more on the way to work and was in the process of composing a post about libertarian Ska bands of the 1980s (a shorter chapter in the school of rock posts) and I realized that I never told the story of how I got that particular Oingo Boingo album. 

I really wanted that album.  And my Mom found that out and sent it to me for Christmas, which was a little weird, because I didn’t have the slightest idea how she could have found out that I wanted it.  I had never mentioned it to her.  I hadn’t told anyone . . . except . . .  

Except I had mentioned in a comment on somebody else’s blog that I really wanted that album but didn’t have the cash to purchase it myself.  Mom googled me and found that gift idea in the comment thread.  Apparently I’m usually hard to buy for. 

Anyway, I thought I should let people know about this.  And I’ve been thinking about comments after my post yesterday.  And my birthday is coming up. . . .


1. maryjunebrown - April 2, 2007

What a great story…and how clever of your mom!
BTW, I am a longtime fan of Elfman and Boingo. Only a Lad was a particular favorite, and reading the lyrics on your page, my mind immediately went off into the music….oh Oh OH Oh oh oh!
Thanks for the memory!

2. caveblogem - April 6, 2007

mjb, you’re quite welcome. An amazing band. I will probably post something on them soon. I’ve been listening to their stuff a lot lately.

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