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Arrgh! February 24, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in fiction.

Last week I was trying to figure out how I would have enough time to finish the story I was working on for the contest at Shimmer magazine.  Today I’m beginning to wonder if I should bother. 

Some stories, I am beginning to think, will simply not gel.  Doesn’t matter how much work you put into them, they will never be the kind of thing that you would feel comfortable urging people to read.  This story might be one of those.  I have trouble looking at it anymore.

So I was in the shower this morning and thought of another story.  And I spent this morning’s writing time drafting it, instead.  Already it is better than the damnable pirate story. 


1. Cavan - February 24, 2007

I just had to throw a story out myself. I hate it when that happens.

2. maryjunebrown - February 24, 2007

Oh, I have a whole folder of half-stories…and thinks that can never come together. I keep them in the back of my mind, though, because sometimes they have bits of inspired writing that I can pull into a new story. And, I’ve been able to use parts of short stories to create new pieces of flash ficture and drabble. So…if you must put it aside, do so…but all is not lost!

3. strugglingwriter - February 26, 2007

As you read on my site, I had to do the same thing. It stinks because I spent a lot of time on it, and urged people to enter. Oh well. I am also already working on another project, so I guess that is ok.

4. Stiletto Girl - February 28, 2007

Pot helps a lot lol

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