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Books–Tribulation Force February 21, 2007

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Left Behind Series #2–By Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

I’m guessing that this will be the least memorable of the Left Behind series, because it is mostly set-up for the events of the next few books.  The first book in the series was action-packed, since it covered the rapture and the rise to power of the Anti-Christ.  The second book takes a small band of new believers, who missed out on the rapture but understood that they had better become Christians very quickly, and positions them so that we can see the seven-year period of tribulations through their eyes.  It is, thus, a little tedious.  And I wouldn’t post on it at all, except that wanted to be absolutely certain that I never say to myself at some future point “Hmmm, I wonder if I read that one.”

All of this positioning in the service of later installments in the series will be forgiven, of course.  Harder to forgive is the fact that the book is also really, really, really, really, really wordy.  Really. 

My favorite part:

The book contains a romance, which is also a comedy of errors.  The errors, the “Three’s Company”-style misunderstandings, are supplied by the Anti-Christ. 

Warning: Spoiler Ahead.

Two of these new Christians are naturally having difficulty with the idea of falling in romantic love during this period in history.  There are only seven years left before Armageddon, after all.  Is this any time to think about raising children?  And what if we really want to, you know, but don’t want children.  Shouldn’t we be thinking about more serious sorts of things?  I’d be confused, too, folks.  But other things complicate the already complicated affair, most notably, somebody anonymously sends her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  She thinks it’s him, as a sort of apology for her accidently finding out that he already has a fiancee (he doesn’t–that’s another misunderstanding).  But it is finally revealed that the Anti-Christ sent her the flowers so that her father would accept a job as his personal pilot (reasoning that having secret admirers is dangerous, he would move them both to Washington, DC.)

That’s where we get the word “devious,” folks.


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