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Journal of Negative Results in the Kitchen February 17, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in DIY, lifehack, Other, science.

A few years back some biomedical academics decided to start a journal called the Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine.  The idea was that people only publish articles about scientific experiments that go the way the researcher expects them to go.  When their ill-considered hypotheses are demolished by experimental results they tend to bury their ideas.  But you get great information from failed experiments, of course.  So here’s mine.

My son wanted French toast for breakfast on Thursday.  And so did I.  But we only had unsalted butter, which I hate, because when you put syrup on French toast with unstalted butter, the sweetness overwhelms everything.  So I told him we’d salt our own butter.  Apparently 1/2 of a teaspoon of salt for 1/2 a stick of butter is a little much.  I can still call to mind exactly the taste, and it was not a pleasant one. 

He’s a good sport, and ate half his breakfast.  He made some faces, but I don’t think he intended to.  I finished mine, cause I was really hungry. 

I’m thinking that next time I’ll try 1/8 of a teaspoon.  And I’ll find some way to mix it up a little better.  Granules of salt in your French toast are not pleasant at all.



1. SilverTiger - February 18, 2007

The British salt their butter, the French do not. The British do not complain that the salt spoils the marmalade and the French do not complain that the lack of salt causes the sweetness of the honey to overwhelm. In other words, it is a cultural, not a biological matter. Put more simply still, you like what you are used to.

When I go to France, I get used to unsalted butter and salted seems strange at first when I come home. Maybe that’s the clue to your dilemma: persevere with unsalted butter and you may even come to prefer it for sweet things.

Incidentally, I am not convinced that there is anything French about “French” toast. The French don’t go in for toast, “French” or otherwise. (They buy packets of biscottes from the supermarket instead.) French bread is so delicious (it has to be straight from the boulangerie) that I can’t imagine why anyone would toast it.

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2. Stiletto Girl - February 28, 2007

Thanks for the cooking lesson, Caveblogem. Screw French toast though, I go for the Belgian Waffles if I’m feeling that decadent and got a few calories to spare.

3. caveblogem - March 1, 2007


I love Belgian Waffles as well, but I rarely feel decadent in the morning, just hungry. Don’t those things take, like, a special waffle iron? I only have the regular kind, I think. That early in the morning I’m pretty stupid, too. I had to refer to the cookbook every time I made regular french toast for a few months before I could remember the proportions of egg : milk : vanilla : cinnamon.

4. Anonymous - March 23, 2007

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5. Lauren Ziencina - January 31, 2012

Just what I was searching for, regards for posting . “There are many victories worse than a defeat.” by George Eliot.

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