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Five Things You Don’t Know About Me January 24, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Blogs and Blogging, Other.

Raincoaster tagged me with this meme, because I asked her to.  I’d never been tagged with a meme before, and when I saw that raincoaster had not only been tagged but had actually responded to this meme I decided that it was a bad thing, not being tagged.  I decided that it meant I was not popular.  Anyway, then she tagged me with it and I immediately had no idea what I could possibly write that nobody would know.  I don’t want to be self-serving, nor do I want to be uninteresting, nor do I want to appear tragic. 

So, anyway, here is the best I can do:

  1. My high-school Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) was exactly the same as my college G.P.A.: 2.54 (for those not in the U.S. or not using the same system, for whatever reason, that is a “C,” which originally meant “average,” but even in those days had come to define the start of a very slippery slope toward flunking out of school.  It is not easy to maintain an average like that.  Most people who actually do the work end up with a better average than that.  Most people who don’t do not continue in school.)
  2. I have an almost pathological fear that, while shaving, the razor will slip and shave off part of my teeth and gums or the cornea of my eye.  It’s never happened to me, but I think about it every single time I shave, and have since at least 1988.  I know, the teeth thing is improbable, but just because it has never been documented does not mean that it is not possible.  It’s living tissue, right?  That would really hurt.
  3. Most of the time I have a song going through my head.  This has been going on for about four years now, and I don’t know how it started and I don’t remember exactly when.  It just kinda snuck up on me.  It is always the same and it has not been written down by anyone.  When I pay attention to it I usually improvise some variations into it.  But even when I improvise it is incredibly monotonous. 
  4. The other day I went to a website where you could test your “brain age.”  My brain was 75 years old that day.  This must be because it thinks so fast, right?  So it ages faster than other peoples’ brains?
  5. My nose doesn’t work very well.  Being able to smell fewer things, I remember them even better than other people do.  So my favorite smells are really strong (because I otherwise would not smell or remember them).  So my favorite smells are things like gasoline, marijuana smoke, airplane glue (the good stuff you could get back in the 1970s), cordite, and that stuff that you used to be able to buy but has probably been outlawed that came in a tube and you put it on the end of a straw and blew it up into a balloon.  That stuff smelled great.

And Cyndi, and Baralbion, consider yourselves tagged with this one.


1. SilverTiger - January 24, 2007

I don’t think I have pathological fears of the sort you describe but I do sometimes have frightening images in my head which I try to dispel. It doesn’t happen often. I am very squeamish though, and refuse to watch videos where I know there will be lots or blood and violence. It worries me that violent videos, films and games are so popular.

It may be obvious and there may be a very good reason why you do not do this but if I had a fear of cutting myself shaving I would do what I already do, namely use an electric shaver. I have used one for a very long time. Of course, self-styled “real men” often prefer “cold steel” and assert that it’s the only way to get a good shave.

Then again, maybe a good scare wakes you up in the morning, hm? :)

Email SilverTiger

2. caveblogem - January 24, 2007

It’s funny, SilverTiger, but just before I got married somebody gave me for Christmas a really excellent electric shaver that could be used in the shower, wet. It worked tremendously well. And then we went to London and Winchester and Salisbury for our honeymoon vacation. I brought the shaver along and used it until the charge ran out (I couldn’t use English power for some reason, different cycles or whatever). When we got home I misplaced it and haven’t used one since. They are pretty expensive, the good ones.

The real reason I haven’t used one since is probably more along the lines of it not bothering me enough to actually do something about it. I think about it; it scares me a little, I get out of the shower and get on with my life. Lots of things scare me. Driving my car. Having a kid. I don’t know.

3. silverneurotic - January 24, 2007

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one that had a lot of trouble making it through “Haunted”. I did like the other two books I read by him so I didn’t think it would be THAT bad. Oh well, it’s done and over with and hopefully I won’t have to experience that book again.

I was looking at your blog briefly, and I notice that you link to Maht’s site at The Moon Topples…that’s kind of funny! Are you planning on submitting a story for his contest?

4. caveblogem - January 24, 2007

Yeah, I’m definitely in that one. I kinda leaned on him to do it so that I’d have another one to enter. Have you known Maht long?

Did you notice the contest that maryjunebrown mentions on her site (she’s on my blogroll)?

5. silverneurotic - January 24, 2007

Nah, I’ve only been reading his blog for about a month or so…probably a bit before Christmas…can’t even remember how I found his blog. I’m interested in seeing what the topic is, I haven’t decided if I will enter or not though. Guess it depends on the topic.

And no, I haven’t seen that other contest. I will try to check it out tomorrow though. Right now I “really” should be heading to bed as I’m suppose to get up early to help my mother with her dog…she’s getting fixed tomorrow (the dog, not my mother) and has an early appointment. And I have to help get the dog over to the vet hospital.

6. raincoaster - January 25, 2007

The shaving thing sounds perfectly reasonable to me! I wouldn’t put a razor near my eyeball or my jugular for any money!

And thanks for doing the meme. I’m ambivalent about them and am henceforth restricting meme-tagging to those who are interested in it. Seems like the best way to do it, so thanks for going first.

7. SilverTiger - January 25, 2007

Blades and I don’t mix – and I have the scars to prove it. Just as caveblogem is feeling calm again, here’s a story to cheer him. My father died when I was very young so I was unused to men and their accoutrements. Have you heard of the famous Rolls Razor: somewhat like a safety razor with a permanent blade and presented in a case within which it could be stropped? A male visitor left his out to dry with the blade exposed. Being a curious child, I ran my finger along the edge of the blade.

How are you feeling now, , hm? I still wince to remember it: I felt so stupid afterwards.

Email SilverTiger

8. caveblogem - January 25, 2007

SilverTiger–knives, as such, don’t really scare me all that much, I think. I once had a stupid accident attempting to open a large (about four liters) plastic pickle jar with a bread knife. The knife slipped off the top and slid along the place in between my thumb and index finger, all the way to the bottom of the metacarpal. The knife was so sharp that it didn’t even hurt. I got a good look in there before it filled with blood. I felt tremendously stupid afterward, because I was stupid. But I have to have a really sharp knife when I’m cooking. Dull ones drive me nuts.

The whole thing with the razor is more puzzling the more I think of it. I wonder if it dates from when I worked in a furniture warehouse. We had to handle cardboard boxes (with chairs in them and that sort of thing). Because this was Sacramento, California, the climate was pretty dry to begin with. But the cardboard leeched all of the moisture out of our hands. I learned very quickly to wear gloves. But my boss would let the callouses build up and eventually shave them off his palms with a razor knife. That’s the sort of visual that stays with you , I’m afraid.

9. caveblogem - January 25, 2007


That sounds like a pretty good policy for memes. I’ve been seeing some really time-consuming ones out there that I would hate to get tagged with. Luckily my readership tends, I think, towards people who wouldn’t tag me with such. With your massive readership you must get tagged all of the time.

Thanks again.

10. caveblogem - January 25, 2007


Best of luck to your Mom and her dog. Our Maggie (a West Highland White Terrier) just had hers done last month, about two weeks before Christmas. She looked so sad that first night. But she bounced back so quick. It was a tough week keeping her from doing too much and ripping out the stitches.

11. silverneurotic - January 25, 2007

I’m not too worried, she’s still a pup so they usually jump right back. We had our male dog done right after Thanksgiving and he’s already 9 years old and the only problem we had was him trying to rip out the stictches…I think by the time we took him to get then removed he only had one left!

12. Nannette in Fantasticland - January 25, 2007

Hi, Caveblogem.

I get an irrational fear when I am in a high place that I am going to fling my purse or camera or whatever of value I am holding clear off the building/bridge/whatever. It’s weird. I mean, why would I do that? And yet every single time I am in that situation, I have that feeling.

My cousin the psychologist says, “Just tell yourself, ‘Well, that’s just a thought’ and then move on.” The shaving thing, wthough, I imagine you face that more often than my high places flinging away my possessions thing.

Speaking of grading… FOX news, which was lampooned last night on the Daily Show, conducted a “survey” of people grading the President’s State of the Union speech. I had to laugh (kinda) when I saw that although A stood for “excellent,” B stood for something like “satisfactory” and C was failing! Is it failure to be mediocre, i.e., what a C is supposed to mean (at least according to most university catalogues)? Then again, if the “leader of the free world” is mediocre, perhaps that is a failure.

13. litlove - January 26, 2007

My husband butchers himself with his razor all the time, and he seems to survive it. He hasn’t actually gone near an eyeball, though. I didn’t think men needed to shave that high? I’d love to know what my brain age is: well over a hundred is how it feels most mornings…

14. caveblogem - January 26, 2007


Remind me not to ask you to take my picture at the Grand Canyon.

I face my fear every day. I am the bravest man I know. Or perhaps I am an idiot. SilverTiger points out that I should buy an electric shaver. I should, but I suspect that I would still think about the same thing (not that I’d be thinking about slicing off my cornea with an electric shaver, that’d be silly. I mean I would still think about what I’d be thinking about if I was shaving with a regular safety razor–not silly at all, as you can see.)

Regarding Bush’s speech, was the grading partially based on effort? It is funny how they slanted their little survey by only having options for C and above. At the end they could just report the grades. “Americans believe that his speech earned him a “C.”” I wonder if this is how he graduated from Yale? And they had to resort to this sort of tactic in a poll of Fox News viewers? Things must be worse for him than I had thought.

15. caveblogem - January 26, 2007


The funny thing is (well, I guess one of the funny things and by “funny” I mean “odd” here, of course) that I rarely cut myself while shaving. I use one of those nine-bladed razors mentioned in the Book of Revelations (or was that Monty Python’s Life of Brian). Any more blades at it would be like trying to cut yourself with sandpaper, or a really fine cheese-grater, or a lemon zester, or something that would be unlikely to cut you.

I don’t shave that high, of course. But there’s soap and other slippery things around. My hand could slip, maybe. Or I could have a seizure or a weird cramp. I did mention that this is an irrational fear, right?

w/r/t/ brain age: Litlove, you mean to say that you think even faster than I do? That’s impressive!

16. SG - January 26, 2007

Fear of eye and teeth slip with shaver? Maybe you have a fear of not being able to communicate should you suffer either one. Now, are you worried about your tongue, too?

I have a fear of losing my teeth, too.

17. caveblogem - January 26, 2007

SG, I’m not sure whether they are connected, these fears, but you are correct that I have a fear of not being able to communicate. Never worried about the tongue before, but now that you mention it I am starting to get some disturbing images in my head . . .

18. caveblogem - January 26, 2007

Just an addendum–that online game that tests your brain’s age can be found at http://cognitivelabs.com.

19. Stiletto Girl - January 26, 2007

You read my mind!

20. caveblogem - January 27, 2007


My maternal Grandfather once licked the condenser coil of an air conditioner outside our condo, thus sparing all of us kids that painful lesson and consequent loss of tongue-flesh. (It never got cold enough in Sacramento for us to make such a mistake during the winter.)

Isn’t there some old saying that if you dream about losing teeth it means you will come into money?

21. Stiletto Girl - January 27, 2007

I’m not sure. Someone once told me what it meant but it had nothing to do with money. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on but I can only spare so many brain cells these days and trust me, they’re working overtime.

22. Cyndi - February 5, 2007

Gah! I’ve been tagged. :D Good thing I saw the internal link page on my blog stats because I’m seriously behind on blog reading.

BTW, I love your five things!

23. caveblogem - February 6, 2007


These are strictly guilt-driven tags, of course. I figured I’d let people who didn’t actually read the post escape. Now that you have acknowledged reading it you must comply, though, I guess.

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