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New Writing Contest at The Moon Topples January 23, 2007

Posted by caveblogem in Other, writing.

The Moon Topples is running a writing contest starting on February 1 and ending on the February 14.  I’m planning on entering, despite the fact that I am struggling with my pirate story and also want to enter the First Chapters contest (and know that my NaNoWriMo novel needs considerable revision and rewriting and may be hopeless anyway), for which the deadline is March 15.


1. morsus - January 23, 2007

this sound cool – I think I’ll enter too!

2. Maht - January 23, 2007

caveblogem: Thanks for the plug, and I look forward to your entry. Now that I have everything more or less sorted out, the only downside is not being able to enter the contest myself.

Just for clarification: while the contest ends February 14 in that winners will be announced on that date, the deadline for submissions is actually February 7th.

3. caveblogem - January 24, 2007


Yah, I didn’t put that part about there only being a week to write the thing, but I understood from your instructions.

As to being able to enter yourself, that is a shame. But perhaps one of the entrants will decide that it was so much fun that said entrant will plan a contest of their own. I’m seriously considering it, myself. I hope the contest rules that you have devised go smoothly, because they look like they would work just fine. I’d just use them with a new prompt, I think.

4. maht - January 24, 2007


A new prompt and a hefty licensing fee, you mean…

5. caveblogem - January 24, 2007

Maht, I could waive half your entry fee for my contest . . ..

6. Writing Competition « Exsisto - January 24, 2007

[…] There is a competition (heard about it here), soon to kick off, over at Moon Topples. Its 500 words in seven days – the topic is decided my […]

7. Moon Topples - January 26, 2007

Entry fee?!?

Oh, dear.

8. caveblogem - January 26, 2007


I’d have to have an entry fee to raise money for your licensing fee, right?

9. Moon Topples - January 29, 2007

Hmmm. Thinking ahead, I see. Very well, I shall waive the licensing fee in exchange for a cut of the profits.

10. caveblogem - January 29, 2007

Moon Topples,

I’ll put you down for 50 percent of the profits, unless you want it all. Should come to roughly the same amount, I think.

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