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Alternative Index Card Folder Design for Hipster PDAs December 29, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Hipster PDA, how to, lifehack, Origami, Other.

For those of you who want something slightly different from all of those paper folders for index cards that you have begun to see all over the place, thanks to this site, here is an alternative design that I just discovered.  It is simple to fold, and a little more rigid, but must be folded from paper that is a little larger than standard size.  For the model below I used a very nice, heavy, ivory sheet of 11 x 17 inch paper that I cut down to 9 x 14 inches.

Lay the sheet flat like this.


Then fold the longer sides together, but only crease the left half.  Then open back up so it looks like this.


Then fold the two left corners even with the crease, like this.


Next, fold the bottom half up evenly.  The bottom fold should be slightly more than three inches deep, to accomodate the index cards, like this.


Then fold the top part down, so that it meets the crease at the bottom, being particularly careful to ensure that the right side is not taller than the left (because you will soon stuff the left side into the right, which is nearly impossible to do if the right side is smaller than the left).  Like this.


Then fold the right side toward the left and crease it.  You want to make sure that the left part is wider than five inches, so it will be wider than the green index card.  You want the right, folded, side to be somewhat smaller than that, which is why the blue index card is wider than the folded part.


Now fold the pointy part on the left over so that it is even with the crease on the right, like this.


Crease that and then unfold.  Put the pointy left part inside the slot in the right part and slide it in all the way.


The picture below shows the above model turned 90 degrees to the right, with index cards slipped into it and a sharpie parked there as well. 


Pretty nice, huh?


1. Mike - January 1, 2007

I coulda sworn you were folding a paper airplane ’til those last few pix.

2. caveblogem - January 1, 2007

Mike, you found my secret. The key: when screwing up your innovative design for a paper airplane, salvage the remains and repurpose it for a web audience. “Look, everybody, it won’t fly, but it holds index cards, or filters coffee, or, um, makes a cool hat for a teddy bear.”

3. Brandy - January 21, 2007

I think i got it wrong; That was hard…

4. caveblogem - January 22, 2007


Sorry about that. Any particular part that was hard that I could clarify?

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