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New Name Now December 24, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Other.

Just in time for Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions.  I figured this covered most of the things I do on this blog and intend to do in the future.  Covers paper folding and books and writing and all of that.  Plus, it seems to leave room for other stuff. 

And it is certainly more descriptive than the previous name.  Frankly, the other name was a little troubling.  Periodically people would click on the site after searching phrases like “what should I do if my vomit is purple” in Google.  These are not people whose search for information I wish to impede.


1. davidbdale - December 24, 2006


2. prairieflounder - December 24, 2006

Just write, right, ? anyway I like it.


3. strugglingwriter - December 26, 2006

Very fitting. I like it. Also, I like the new header.

4. caveblogem - December 27, 2006


Thanks. The header is a picture of the Palouse region of southeastern Washington State. I snapped it one summer day on the way to school at Washington State University in the late 1990s. It still looks like this. Pretty distinctive landscapes there formed by loessal soil, which is volcanic ash that has been trapped over the centuries by thick, tangled bunchgrass. In some places the soil is 150 feet thick. Even with decades of wasteful farming practices it probably averages 30 feet.

It is incredibly rich agricultural land, which is used for dryland farming of wheat, lentils, peas, canola. The wheat (shown in picture, light green was a spring planting, darker is winter wheat) grows so thick that the heads of the stalks touch each other. The dark hills in the distance, on the left side, are Kamiak Butte county park, so mostly tamarack trees (which are conifers, with deciduous needles).

5. maryjunebrown - December 28, 2006

I like the new name, too…clever.

6. stjarna67 - December 29, 2006

The Googling for answers about purple vomit has me concerned. Why aren’t these people stopping by an emergency room about this kind of thing? Has the health care crisis become so bad that the 45 million uninsured people are now anonymously soliciting search engines, and subsequently bloggers for medical advice? What fun could it possibly be to ‘play doctor’ over the Internet? Would one be required to surf in a backless pastel colored gown? Would you have to put that wax paper down on your computer chair first?

Then again, I have surfed enough of the web to know that maybe not everyone should have access to webcams.



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