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Name that Blog December 21, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Blogs and Blogging, bookmooch, Books, Constructivism, Education, Hipster PDA, how to, librarything, lifehack, Lowell, luck or time, Market Research, Massachusetts Drivers, Origami, Other, statistical analysis, web 2.0, writing.

Davidbdale brought to my attention yesterday, late at night, when I had already had a particularly difficult day, the fact that there is a blog called “as a blog returns to its vomit” which is run by a pastor, somewhere in the Midwest, probably.  Why did this bring me even lower?  Well, david saw this blog, which does not even have an open comment thread, in WordPress’s list of fast-growing blogs and thought that it was mine.  (No, david, mine’s the blog that’s hardly growing at all.)  And it bothered me because I really should have thought about the name a little more before I started this thing, and I should have checked for others using the name, or variants thereof.

In an earlier post I said that I was thinking about making some changes to this thing, more drastic ones than the accretive ones and annoying changes of backgrounds and themes that I normally make.  Well, let’s add a name change to the list.  The name of this blog doesn’t really reflect the content of the site, or the community that reads it, or really anything important.  And pastor whatever-his-name-is seems to have gotten the name first anyway (in March, I think.)

So I am changing the name temporarily to Pro Tempore (another nod to davidbdale, who needles me about my use of Latin).  This will not affect any links that you have made to this blog.  They will still appear as the original name and will still link here, because I am not changing the URL.  But as the name implies, this is a temporary measure.  I would really like some suggestions as to what to call this thing going forward (accordingly, I have tagged it with most of the tag categories I normally use, so that people who read this tag-surfing will get a chance to chime in here.)

So, tell me what to call this blog.  The prize will be, I don’t know yet.  Suggest something for that too.  I’d like to hear from everybody who reads it.  That means you too, Mom, Dad.  And I’d particularly like to hear from those of you with descriptive names that seem to work so well for your blogs.  That would be davidbdale, whose blog name describes exactly the content of his site, as does strugglingwriter’s, prairie flounder’s and some of the others on my blogroll.


1. sulz - December 21, 2006

i went through that period of changing my blog name every month or so at the early stages of my blog. i bet nobody’s got a name like mine now! lol

good luck searching for a new name! if i do think of something i’ll come back here.

2. strugglingwriter - December 21, 2006

I think you should name the blog…………Tim.

3. caveblogem - December 21, 2006


Like Tim the sourcerer? Tim the manky Scots git?

4. strugglingwriter - December 21, 2006

I was thinking like Tim the Sorceror. Sorry I was goofy in my comment. I didn’t see that you asked for serious advice about a name. I will give this some thought. I liked your posts on LibraryThing. Maybe this blog could be WriterThing or something else that plays on that.

5. caveblogem - December 21, 2006


No need to apologize for being goofy. (For those who did not recognize it, “manky Scots git” is what Sir Robin called Tim after Tim’s description of the rabbit had scared him into nearly soiling his armor.)

6. prairieflounder - December 21, 2006

Now that we are on the subject of Monty Python…..
How about-

Fawlty blogers

Trojan Rabbit


Unladen swallow’s journey to blogalot

7. davidbdale - December 22, 2006

Oh boy. I drop by to wish you Merry Christmas and find myself cited twice for meddling. Seriously caveblogem, I only meant to help. You’ll have a hard time naming your blog because its diversity of subject matter resists easy categorizing.

But, since I inadvertently started the trouble, I do have one idea (not well considered, but I just got here) you might like. When I first arrived at WordPress in September, it was your irresistible paper projects that first attracted me. It’s a little conceptual (no vomit referernce), but I like “Useful Paper” as a title.

Might want to search it first, though. Make sure nobody else got there first. (SIDELIGHT: I went looking for Booklust yesterday and, if I’m not mistaken, there’s one on every bloghost. So maybe you don’t have to be altogether unique.)

Oh, and, Merry Christmas. I value your blog and your comments on mine. Thanks.

8. davidbdale - December 24, 2006

Now that’s clever! Pretty Good on Paper. Whether you decide to stick with it or not, I’m delighted you came up with a much better “Paper” title than my weak suggestion. Congratulations and good luck with the new name!

9. John - March 12, 2007

Hello. This blog is a really great and very interesting for me. Thank you.

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