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No Terriers were Harmed in the Writing of this Novel December 3, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Dogs, My other blog, NaNoWriMo 2006, national novel writing month 2006, Other, writing.

Writing is a funny thing.  People bring their own preconceptions to your work (if you are lucky enough to have readers, that is.)  I just got a comment that was posted to this site on December 1 and for some reason was put into the spam bin.  Maybe that’s because it was posted anonymously.  I don’t actually know. 

At any rate, this commentor took me to task for criticizing terriers in Chapter 13 of the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo and posted elsewhere on this site. 

I applaud his or her bold defense of terriers.  Just to set the records straight, though, I should admit that my West Highland White Terrier, Margaret, pictured below, was the model for that particular character in the book.  She is, as you can probably tell just by looking at her, just the sort of dog that, blinded by a spotlight, would somehow find your leg and try to take you down, somehow. 


We were playing our favorite game, chase-me-around-the-house-you-out-of-shape-awkward-human, yesterday, and when I lunged for her in the kitchen and missed, she doubled back and ran over my chest.  I was actually trampled yesterday by a dog that weighs less than the laptop I am using to type this. 

Isn’t she adorable? 


1. extrapolater - December 3, 2006

Westies are great dogs. I hope to have one some day. A friend of mine had one years ago named Zuzu – I guess he named her after watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

2. keithosmun - December 3, 2006

We have a cat. My wife wants a pug. I’m holding out at least till I retire.

From that picture, Margaret looks harmless. I suppose appearances are not always true.

3. strugglingwriter - December 4, 2006

Cute picture of the terrier. I bet she does quite a bit of chasing.

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