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Now that I have “Won” NaNoWriMo November 28, 2006

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Well, I still have some loose ends to tie up–like the actual climax and an epilogue that ties up some remaining questions, nothing important–but I feel like the 50k barrier is a real accomplishment.  But I am looking forward to finishing this first draft and spending December picking at the task of editing it and making it a little more interesting and readable.  More than that, though, I am looking forward to revamping this blog and re-purposing parts of it.  Expect monumental changes, therefore, in

  1. the “books” section, which will be changed substantially to mesh better with the way the rest of the blogging world handles book reviews
  2. real-life postcards, which was put on hold during the month of November.  This was only partially due to NaNoWriMo, mostly I was having technical difficulties with either Blogger or Verizon.  Verizon blames Blogger, but I currently do not believe them.  At any rate, the technical difficulties seem to have ironed themselves out.  And I have recently stumbled upon some theories that would be interesting to test there. 
  3. the page on paper-folding is mainly going to stay the same but get some added material.  Oddly, this has been one of the most traveled parts of the site since day one, so I’ll give the readers what they seem to want.
  4. the section on triples tennis is also due for some additional materials, especially w/r/t strategies.  A friend of mine recently attempted to alter the court formation during a losing streak, inverting the triangle.  It didn’t alter the balance of power that day, but it got me thinking about some possibilities.

Still thinking about a couple of other things, but 1-4 are probably enough to keep me busy for now.


1. strugglingwriter - November 28, 2006

Congratulations on the 50K and good luck with the revisions. I look forward to seeing the revamps of the blog.

2. yogamum - November 28, 2006

Congratulations! And thanks for visiting my blog, too!

You are very brave to post chapters as you go — your writing is a lot more polished than mine at this point!

3. Julia - November 28, 2006

Hey, congratulations. Feels good doesn’t it?!

Enjoy adding your final touches.

4. maryjunebrown - November 28, 2006

Woot! You did it. Big-time congrats are in order. I’ve been watching and following along…you’ve done a great job. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I mean, just a month ago…you didn’t have this book. Now you’re a NOVELIST. So cool.

5. stjarna67 - November 29, 2006

Congratulation! It’s an achievement to write, let alone put 50k words to paper.

Oh, and having spent many hours trying to get to the bottom of phone circuit issues; I can safely say that Verizon can easily be at the bottom of the problem. Unfortunately, there is no way to actually prove anything. However, I still have the feeling that Verizon technicians consult Magic 8-balls when dispensing advice.


6. caveblogem - November 30, 2006

Thanks to all of you who took the time to congratulate me.

Yogamum–I’m not sure it was bravery, exactly. And I hope you’re right about it being polished, but what has mostly saved me has been that I haven’t taken time to read it. In the novel Cryptonomicon the protagonist writes a perl program that allows him to type on his laptop without the text appearing on the screen. I should get one of these. Because I’m certain that this is the best way to write, now.

Julia–it feels really good.

maryjunebrown–a novelist. That is cool! It’s as close as my sex can come to giving birth, I suppose.

stjarna–I really love that phrase in your post. It sounds like a maxim, or something from the Analects, or possibly Go Rin No Sho (from the void chapter, perhaps): “It is an achievement to write.” The blogger’s creed.

7. stjarna67 - December 1, 2006

I actually came up with that line myself. My own experience, especially in the last few months, has shown me that.

Without knowing about the NaNu NaNu thing (ok, it’s a Mork From Ork reference), I have been writing a sci-fi/fantasy story over the last couple months. I struggle almost daily with trying to find time to write and work full-time at a job that has been seriously stressful for the last 2 months, help my wife raise 3 beautiful albeit very loud children (chores AND projects), and still have time for myself. Luckily, the muses have been visiting regularly in the last week or so. My story is at about 7,000 words, and stops at a crucial meeting point that demanded that I really flesh out the character personalities to get a better feel of how they would interact. I stopped writing the story to write a paragraph description on each character, then did a rough outline of how I wanted the story to end. I found myself coming up with many different plot twists while writing, just as I would come up with different endings. As I hope to have a rough draft completed by the end of the year; I am trying to find resources to evaluate/proof my work, to help me get it to print.

So, in other words, when I get my thoughts on paper/Microsoft Word; I can appreciate what it took to get them there.

Write/Right On!


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