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One hundred ninety-sixth safest city October 30, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Lowell, Other.

Lowell has been ranked the 196th safest city in America, according to a report by Morgan Quinto Press, who collected crime statistics from, apparently, as many cities as they could.  It’s all about perspective.  The ranking shows, sort of, in a weird way, that the city is safer than Sacramento (322), San Francisco (270), and Concord (142), where I lived when I first moved out of Mom and Dad’s house (Folsom apparently did not respond to the survey). 

 And in Massachusetts the rankings are a little surprising, too.

  • #4. Newton
  • #76. Quincy
  • #85. Somerville
  • #117. Cambridge
  • #196. Lowell
  • #229. Worcester
  • #242. Lynn
  • #254. New Bedford
  • #314. Boston
  • #341. Springfield

I’m sure that now that Boston has taken Lowell’s Chief of Police as their Commissioner, Ed Davis will clean them up a little.  I just hope that whoever attempts to fill Davis’ sizeable shoes will stick to his comminity policing tactics.


1. PF - October 30, 2006

Well acording to http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2006/top100/index.html
Fort Collins Colorado is the #1 best place to live.
Newton Mass at 22 and Folsom at 34.
I guess you have to weigh safety with ? to be best?

2. caveblogem - October 31, 2006

Money magazine weights income (Lowell was about 1/2 the average of the top ten, of which Ft. Collins was the lowest), job growth (negative in Lowell during the year measured), sales tax rates (Lowell beat most of the top ten, actually), property tax rates (where Lowell lost a little more ground). . . . Don’t even get me started on home prices, education, etc. We did O.K. on air quality and beat most of the top ten in percent of residents covered by health insurance (93%), but that’s about it. Safety is a strange thing to measure cities by, of course. But Lowell’s reputation in Massachusetts has always been unsafe. It was cheering to see us ranked above Boston, Worcester and Springfield.

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