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Revision and Extension to Index Card Folder Diagram October 27, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Hipster PDA, Origami, Other.

There has been a lot of action on this site in the last few days regarding the index card wallet, and I always wanted to clarify one point but had not got around to it yet.  So today is the day, before a lot more people have somewhat inadequate folders for their Hipster PDAs or index cards.  So, if you follow the instructions that I have already posted on this site as a modified daisy letterfold, you will end up with a folder that has a horizontal crease in it.  This is ordinarily O.K.  It works out fine if you are using paper bags or heavy-duty paper of some sort.  But if you are doing something fancy, or printing in colors on the paper, or using shiny types of paper, it looks kinda bad.  So here is the solution: 

Instead of creasing all the way on step three (which goes from corner to corner) just crease it a little in the very middle of the paper like this:


And that way you get just a little discoloration in the middle of one side of the folder (shown at top in picture below) rather than a wicked-ugly crease across the whole flippin’ thing.


So, there you go.


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