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Books–The Life of Pi September 21, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Books, Other.

Just finished it yesterday evening.  Read it in less than two days because I was home sick from work.  An amazing story.  And I imagine quite controversial, given the ending.  I’ll stick a few choice quotes in the books section of this blog, but there is really no way to put anything in a review about the plot without giving away the ending.  So I have to say vague things, I suppose, and that other than the fact that I really enjoyed it and cannot stop thinking about it I don’t quite know what to say about it just yet.  It is about a sixteen-year-old boy, the son of a zookeeper in Pondicherry, India.  His father doesn’t like the fact that P.M. Gandhi has annexed their state and decides to sell all of the zoo animals and move to Canada.  Their ship, containing all of the animals, sinks.  Pi (short for Piscine) is the only human survivor, and he lands in Mexico more than 200 days later. 

Some of the attraction of the book is a longstanding attraction I have to shipwreck stories, being from a sailing family.  I read a book called, I think, Survive the Savage Sea, about a family whose boat was destroyed by whales, when I was maybe nine-years-old.  And I was hooked.  But it is also a beautiful and strange book and a joy to read. 


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