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The Ugliest Blog September 14, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Blogs and Blogging, Other.

I learned that my workplace was going to be purchasing software from sixapart, so that people here could blog.  I have already started two blogs (well three, if you count the defunct one that I began in 2002).  One is here in WordPress, which has distinct advantages like the ability to create pages outside of the chronological blogspace.  The other is in Blogger.com, which enables me to post with my cameraphone, which is seriously cool.  Blogger also allows you to put up advertisements, which is nice, although not something I anticipate using.  I’m too far out on the “long tail” to make anything, I think.  WordPress doesn’t yet let you put up ads with adsense, which, again, is fine with me.  Now sixapart’s Livejournal, while free, forces these ads onto your blog.


So the whole idea of making it look like an actual journal is ridiculous.  In fact, they should scrap the whole fiction that you have some control over the appearance of your blog.  No matter what you do it is going to look like a cheesy, low-budget I-don’t-know-what, put up by a twelve-year-old.



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