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New Blog September 11, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Blogs and Blogging, Memory, My other blog, Other.

Over the weekend I created another blog, which I’m going to link to from this site.  This site is also going to contain a bunch of information about that blog, because it is a Blogger.com site, and thus cannot contain webpages that are not part of the chronological flow of the blog.  Why, then, did I create it at Blogger.com?  Well, so far as I know, WordPress does not enable me to publish pictures and text directly from my cell-phone-camera thing.  Otherwise, I woulda done it from WordPress.  Anyway, I’m still playing with the site’s name, and getting it up-and-running while working a pretty engaging full-time job and having a new puppy (which admittedly takes much more of my time than it should, I spoil her) and all of that is slow-going.  But watch for it.  I will put it on the blogroll here just in case anyone is actually interested.  It’s the site that’s not RadioOpenSource, WordPress, or about letterfolding.

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