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Les lieux de mémoire September 11, 2006

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I don’t have the French to know whether that title is plural, and I’m not about to check.  At any rate, I was talking to my son this morning while I was taking him to school and I asked him if he remembered 9/11 at all.  He didn’t, ’cause he was only three at the time, but I remember where he was, so that’s O.K., I guess.  Anyway, I told him about the Kennedy assassination and how everybody of my Mom and Dad’s generation remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they found out.  I remember what I was doing and where I was when Reagan was shot by John Hinkley, but I never attempted to find out if that was emblematic of my generation or not.  Now it is 9/11, like it or not. 

I wondered, though, if there was any attempt, given the web 2.0 stuff available now, to get people to nail down where they were and what they were doing on that day.  It could be a collaborative effort on flicker, which now allows geo-tagging, to post pictures and descriptions.  It could be like Life Magazine’s Day-in-the-Life books, which were so popular for a while, but ever so much more comprehensive.  Because even though things will have changed a little in the five intervening years, peoples’ memories are still sharp enough to get the descriptions failrly accurate.  And it might also serve future historians in documenting the changes since that day.  It would also provide some valuable marketing information, I suppose, although I can’t think of a use for it at the moment. . .

I think it’s a really cool idea, but I don’t have time to get it going, so whoever wants it can have it, although I’d like attribution credit.

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