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Luck September 1, 2006

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Last summer I found at least ten four-leaf clovers, and one that had five leaves.  At the time I remember thinking that I found them because I took the time to actually look for them.  Our dog was sick and I spent quite a bit of time walking her around the house, looking down at the clover.  Some of them I found on our vacation, where we did some hiking.  But I’m starting to think that there was more to it than just the looking, because we have a new puppy, since the middle of July, which means even more hours logged standing around in the yard looking at clover.  And I have yet to find one damn four-leaf clover this summer. 

So I’m beginning to think that it may have to do with pattern recognition.  The reason I found so many last summer was that I found one or two and then began to recognize the pattern.  I could easily pick out a four-leaf from a field of three-leaf clovers.  The more I found, the easier they were to find.  But why would my eyes forget how to find them this year? 

Part of last summer’s haul:


And is luck, in general, like this?  People sometimes speak of being “on a roll,” where they have been lucky and want to keep betting while they still have the luck.  Is this related somehow?  Did I find these things because I was “on a roll?”  And would I have been more likely win the lottery when I was finding them?  Or are four-leaf clovers unrelated to luck anyway?  And what would that mean? 

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