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More Index Card Holder Info. August 22, 2006

Posted by caveblogem in Hipster PDA, Origami, Other.

So, I’m getting pretty good at creating these index card holder things and have been downolading designs from the net to make them look distinctive.  I do not currently use different folders to hold different collections of cards (like cards applying to different projects) but am thinking about doing that someday. . . .  Mostly, at this point, I am just making them nicer and experimenting with them as a sort of art/craft thing. 

So here is a picture of one that I just made from some marbled blue paper (to give it the look of the sky-with-clouds sort-of-fing) and a picture downloaded from the  some sort of NASA website that I found yesterday.  For some reason, perhaps the state of my color printer cartridge, it printed the picture in a sort of dark pinkish purple.  I don’t have time to change it now, and I’m not happy enough with the resolution on the NASA picture to attempt it again, so here is what may be the only one of these ever made:


As you can see, I wanted the thing to have the pictures and the writing vertical, rather than at the odd tilt you get if you simply print the picture and fold with a daisy letterfold (see Envelope and Letterfolding ).  The trick is to rotate the picture clockwise about 51.5 degrees.


Then you have to fold it starting from the bottom corner opposite the corner depicted in diagrams.  Like this:

Start with a piece of paper, which has been trimmed to 8″ by 10″


Then flip it over on its back (keeping the vertical orientation the same), and fold it from the bottom left corner to the top right one. 


Then fold it from the crease you have made on one side to the crease you made on the other side.


Then from the bottom left to the middle. 


 Then fold the crease at the bottom right to the middle.


Then fold the crease at left to the middle.


Then fold the pointy part to the middle and insert (see Envelope and Letterfolding if you don’t get this part.  His diagrams are better). 


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