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Envelopes and Letterfolds Continued August 14, 2006

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For those interested in my folder post (see August 9, below) I have another to offer.  I use a sort of Noguchi Filing System, which I modify in two ways.  (A note about that.  I tried to link to the original site, at http://www.lise.jp/honyaku/noguchi.html, but the author of that has taken down the content he originally posted.  I have now linked to BoingBoing’s site because they have left the explanatory stuff on their site.) 

Modification #1–I have a lot of disparate paper files, partially because of the nature of my job.  So I archive stuff very quickly, noting all of the key words in an excel file and giving the folder a number.  This allows me to find very quickly a file that has been archived by typing a keyword into the edit/find function of excel and hitting return until the file appears.  Then I go to my filing cabinet and pull the appropriate number.

Modification #2–I like to use a wide variety of envelopes, so that I can easily identify files that are not in the archive.  One neat way to get additional colors is to use posters, butcher paper, wrapping paper and other types of paper to create distinctive folders.  Paper that is 20″ by 30″ creates folders that are just the right size for such folders.  Shown below is a folder made with an old Forest Service map for the Clearwater National Forest area of Idaho.


And here is one made from a poster used in a Cambodian anti-corruption campaign a few years ago:


Perhaps I’ll turn this and some others into a resources page later, rather than leaving them in the thread of this.  I guess I would have to have some indication that anyone actually thought that this stuff might be useful or interesting.



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