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More on Negative Information August 12, 2006

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I am desperately trying, by the way, not to spill too much writer-based prose here, just so you know.  Anyway, this categorization is probably interesting me a bit too much.  Did you ever go see a movie and, later on, when somebody asks you what it was about, had another person say, “that’s not what that was about.”  For example, I saw “Fight Club,” well after it came out in the theatres, partially because I remembered the trailers for it, where inevitably they would quote the part where the main character says “the first rule of fight club is that you don’t talk aboutfight club.”  Didn’t seem all that compelling to me.  And then I read a review of the movie, I think in the New Yorker, where the reviewer characterized it as ineptly anti-corporate.  Well, I can get into a movie that is anti-corporate as much as the next guy, but one that is ineffectual seems like a waste of time.  Combine the review with the ads I saw, and the kinds of people that went to see it, and I just didn’t bother.  When the movie came out in Netflix, however, I checked it out and was ensorcelled.  The plot revolves around this guy who is going crazy in ways that I could completely identify with.  According to the author, people rarely seem to notice that the book is a romance.  The point I’m trying to make here is that it was not at all about machismo or anti-corporatism.  These are relatively minor themes, I think, compared to the themes I drew out of it, which had more to do with Zen philosophy than anything else.  And I think that while I would disagree with most anyone about what the movie was actually about (if, in fact, it was about anything at all), I could find a ton of common ground discussing what it was not about.  And that’s what we want to do, right, find common ground on this sort of thing? 



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